Why is Mathematics Important?

mathematical symbols
mathematical symbols

What is Mathematics? Why is it Important?

history of mathematicsWhen we look at what we look at, it can be said that mathematics, which has an important place in our daily life, emerged with the first people. The need for barter, the desire to trade, the problems of surveying people basic math rulesdirected to use it. Mathematics; It is a reliable tool that is independent of time and place in obtaining new information, explaining the obtained information, controlling it and transferring it to the next generations.

Mathematics and Professional Fields

Mathematics is useful in all professions. For example: tailors use dimensions when sewing, architects make use of angles when creating our house. In the operation of technological tools, place of mathematics it is big. The commands we give while using many technological tools mathematical commandsd.

We use math even when we are resting. For example: After doing a lot of math, we took a break to relax a bit, and during this break we played a little song with our musical instrument and then solved sudoku. Actually, our goal in this break was to escape from math, but again we failed. While playing music, we used integers to figure out the measure of the notes, and then we used pure math to solve sudoku. So it is impossible to escape from mathematics in our life.

There is no technical area where mathematics is not applied… Mathematics practical ways presents. Medicine, social, political, economic, business, management etc. mathematical methodse must be based on. Because, mathematics teaching It has a special importance and priority in all countries of the world.

Information about mathematicsWhen we take a look at the e, we can see that mathematics exists in our every day. Mathematics usage areas forms a large part of our daily life. Now let's take any day and look at the math here:

Mathematics in Daily Life

In our current life, we often think that mathematics will not work, but mathematics in our lives is born with us. Mathematics is in our genes, even the sequencing of our DNA. math basic conceptsaccording to the appropriate rules. Mathematics has another very important place in our daily life, which is related to our basic need for nutrition. While our mothers cook, they make the food according to certain measures. For example, they add salt according to the size of the container, which is the same as proportions in mathematics. The role of mathematics in our life it is not limited to this. Mathematics is present in every aspect of our lives. We use measurements constantly when shopping. Time units, on the other hand, have become a completely part of our lives. Even mathematics has a great place in our history. All our victories are due to mathematics. All wars have armies and armies act according to certain rules.

“We set our morning alarm clock for 6:30 (time measure). After waking up at this hour, he had our breakfast and left the house. We waited outside for the minibus and it came. We paid 1 TL for the minibus and it gave us 25 KR back (Four Transactions). When we arrived at the school, we bought a pen from the stationery store next to the school (four transactions). We attended class at school. We calculated the remaining time to recess in the lesson (time measures). We bought anything from our school canteen during recess and compared its price outside (four transactions, whole numbers). We re-entered the class and it was a technology design class. In this lesson we needed to do a project and we used the meter (measurements of length) while doing the project. When the lessons were over, we went home. We made an omelet for lunch at home. While making the omelette, we proportioned the salt to the omelette (proportion). Then I went to play basketball and was disqualified for 5 fouls in the game (full points). When I was about to eat dinner at home, I remembered that I only had half a loaf of bread and ate the other half for lunch (rational numbers) and went to the store and bought another loaf. I gave 1 TL to the marketer and got 50 KR back (four transactions). After dinner I studied, played some computer and went to bed.'

Source: Asil Schools

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