China's First Medical Heavy Ion Accelerator

Genie's First Ion Accelerator
Genie's First Ion Accelerator

China's first domestic medical heavy ion accelerator has been officially launched in Wuwei, Northwest China's Gansu Province, and China is the fourth to successfully develop heavy ion medical system capabilities and apply it to clinical treatment worldwide, People's Daily reported. became the country.

The medical heavy ion accelerator is built based on the heavy ion accelerator developed by the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, representing a groundbreaking understanding of Chinese researchers in the field of heavy ion physics.

China's research foundation in nuclear physics was built by the first cyclotron built by the IMP during the 1953-1957 First Five-Year Plan period. From the research proposal for the application of heavy ion to medical therapy in 1993 to the first clinical trial of China's first medical heavy ion accelerator in March 2020, success is the culmination of 30 years of hard work.

What is a cyclotron?

The cyclotron is a type of particle accelerator. Cyclotrons accelerate charged particles using high frequency alternating voltage. The voltage applied to the cyclotron creates a vertical magnetic field, causing the particles to follow a kind of circular path. It was invented in 1929 by Ernest O. Lawrence, at the University of California, Berkeley. Although not widely known, Hungarian Sándor Gaál described the working principles of the cyclotron at the same time. However, Lawrence is shown by international sources as the first person to make and invent this device.

Medical heavy ion accelerator, also called carbon ion medical treatment system, can turn carbon ion into a precision-guided weapon that can reach the diseased part and release concentrated energy to kill cancer cells. In addition, carbon ion radiotherapy causes minimal damage to healthy body tissues, which is now internationally recognized as an advanced radiotherapy treatment.

CAS Ion Medical Technology Co (CASHIM), a company started by Chinese Academy of Sciences Holdings (CASH) and IMP, strives to minimize the size of the medical heavy ion accelerator. It also strives to reduce associated expenses and cost and combine cutting-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, to serve more patients with 5G.

Source: Global Times

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