Genie Thriller with Wikipedia

Chinese Tension with Wikipedia

Wikipedia's ability to balance issues with China has brought problems with the global platform's ban, which prevents Chinese editors from writing and updating pages. Short Information About Wikipedia The Wikipedia project came to life in 2003. [more…]

Social Distance of Honey Bees

Honey Bees Keep Social Distancing

We are faced with another piece of news that we will say whether this exists in our lives. As most of us know, honey bees are one of the most useful animals in nature. Hundreds of works have been created about its benefits and working patterns. Honey [more…]

Hyper Brain Hyper Body

Hyper Brain – Hyper Body

Is being smart an advantage? Undoubtedly, high intelligence is a situation that paves the way for being more successful in education and business life; but we know very little about the difficulties experienced by intelligent people. [more…]

Teaching is Difficult

How to Train a Physics Teacher?

A physics teacher has chosen his department willingly or unwillingly. In other words, when you say willingly, of course, there are those who choose the department at the top. And when we say unwillingly, we mean those who make their choice in the lower ranks. in these lines [more…]

Venus fly trap plant

Ready to Talk to Plants?

Yes, you heard right, it would be interesting to talk to them. You may have also heard that some people around us are talking to them. But now we will share with you the results of a scientific research. The research team's inventions allow farmers to 'communicate' with their crops and [more…]

What are Skyrmions

Skyrmions made a mess

Topology in optics and photonics has been a hot topic since 1890, when singularities in electromagnetic fields were taken into account. Nobel Prize for topology developments in condensed matter physics, condensed matter particle-like topology in photonics [more…]

What is Li Fi Technology

Li-Fi Keeps Entering Our Lives

Most of us control light, often in mundane ways, without always thinking about it. We put on a pair of sunglasses, apply sunscreen, and close or open our blinds. Without going into the theory of work in its simplified form [more…]

James Webb Space Telescope Has Device Problems for the Second Time

Countdown at James Webb

In a new YouTube video from the Nasa Space Agency, NASA's newest space telescope is 1 after launch as it glides towards a deep space target about 1.6 million miles (29 million km) from Earth. [more…]

Titanium Material

Titanium Miracle

Scientists process it at ultra-low temperatures to obtain stronger and more ductile pure titanium. Ductility is a measure of a material's susceptibility to deformation. Ductile materials undergo both elastic and plastic deformation before breaking. [more…]

Monster Black Hole

Black Hole and Singularity

In this article, we talk about the Black Hole Singularity. Those who read my articles will remember that we talked about Black Holes in the second part of my Time Travel article series. Let me take an excerpt from that article. “Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar (October 2, 19, Lahore-August 1910) [more…]

Einstein's Life and Work

Quotes from Einstein

Albert Einstein is the most influential physicist of the 20th century and may be the most famous scientist. He was only 1905 years old when four separate articles were published in 26 that excited the field of physics and made it famous worldwide. [more…]

Fundamental Forces

Fifth Force Coming to Physics?

Everything changes in nature and nothing stays the same. This is known. Even in physics, there is change. From the beginning of the 20th century, Newtonian mechanics showed that it must change as one descends to subatomic levels. In a sense [more…]

NASA Lucy Project

Lucy Goes Smoothly on Her Journey

After a successful launch on October 16, 2021, analysis of NASA's Lucy spacecraft systems shows that the spacecraft is operating well and stable. In our previous article about the spacecraft, Lucy's missions and [more…]

The Rashomon Effect

What is the Rashomon Effect?

A samurai was found dead in a quiet bamboo garden. The only known witnesses to the crime are recounting their own versions of the event that took place. But as each tells their story, each expression is reasonable but different. [more…]

NASA's Artemis Program

Excitement Rising at NASA's Artemis Program

On Monday, the Orion spacecraft was moved between buildings at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida before being lifted aboard the powerful Space Launch System (SLS) rocket. For its upcoming flight, Orion will fly around the Moon without astronauts. This is the USA [more…]

The New State of Matter

Formation of a New State of Matter

The basic principle of superconductivity is that electrons form pairs. But can they also be concentrated in a quartet? Recent findings have suggested they can, and today a physicist at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology is talking about this quadruple. [more…]

The Matrix Movie
science fiction movies

The Matrix Sequel Is Coming

The Matrix is ​​a 1999 science fiction action film written and directed by the Wachowskis. It is the first episode of the Matrix movie series. Starring Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, Hugo Weaving and Joe Pantoliano [more…]

Finlay Comet

Meteor Shower in the Southern Hemisphere

Astronomers have detected a brand new meteor shower in the southern hemisphere's night sky. Storms of shooting stars occurred as Earth passed through streams of dusty matter blasted into space by comet 15P/Finlay. One of the constellation Ara constellation astronomers [more…]

No photo

A Single Atom Was Photographed

Have you ever thought that you can see a single atom without looking through the eyepiece of a microscope? Oxford University physicist David Nadlinger has made an incredible debut at the fifth annual Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council's (EPSRC) national science photography competition. [more…]

Monster Black Hole

If Black Holes Merge

During the turbulent period of the big bang, the probability of primitive black holes in the universe could have been high and plentiful. Eventually some of these black holes would find each other and coalesce to send out waves of gravitational waves. It [more…]