It Shouldn't Have Been 9 A.M.

Time Shouldn't Have Been Night
It Shouldn't Have Been 9 A.M. 5 A.M.

On November 9, I worked all day and made plans for the future. I wrote articles that communicated with my students and parents. Knowing that tomorrow is November 10, I thought about what I could do for him in my tiny room. It was bullshit. He couldn't expect anything from me. But that's how I felt. I had to do something, at least share a picture or a word. I was starting to like this blog stuff too. I was running after the success stories of people I hadn't even seen thousands of kilometers away. It was around 23 o'clock at night. I was tired too. But I had to do something. I saw the success story of a Turkish doctor in a newspaper. Just like Yasemin Özkan Aydın. Yes, Yasemin Özkan Aydın, whose text Google showed 1,5 million times, gave us momentum, became the starter of our site, and this wonderful engineer motivated us.

My previous article was about Ali Ekrem Adıyaman. You know, it was about the Turkish Doctor I mentioned two sentences ago, who achieved a very important success funded by abroad. This is what my wife told me on this post. He was right with the sentence he said, "You actually have to share something for Atatürk, tomorrow is November 10, leave other articles." I went to bed at 01 am and was up at 06 am. Never in my life have I gotten up so fast after a busy day. When I went to bed at night, I went to bed with the main lines of the article I will write in the morning in my head.

I was the nephew of a Staff Colonel, born in 1924, who was selling water in Izmir Kemeraltı without receiving any pocket money from his father. Again, without his father's permission, he went to military school, took his exams, and after his success, he became one of my intellectual fathers after his military service. His cheek was caressed by Atatürk in front of the İzmir Officer's Club, and he was asked by Atatürk, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" it was asked. He was also a kid who said, "I want to be a soldier". Atatürk asked him, “Do you know that you have to work hard?” he had asked. He said, “Yes, Pasha, I know”. He used to tell me this short conversation from time to time.

The cover of our article consists of an article written inside the wonderful work Nutuk that he left me. Stories are diverse. There are thousands of works written about him. The main thing should have been what I had to do for the young people, not what he expected from me, which got me up in the morning. No leader has come into our lives so clearly.

Yes, what was written on the back of the cover of the Speech book was as follows. He used the term books because it consisted of two volumes.

” My Dear Nephew Hasan Ongan, In these books, you will find how the shattered homeland was saved with the struggle of the Turkish Nation, which was wanted to be completely destroyed, from scratch, how the national belief destroyed the physical power, and the history of the national sacrifices made for the establishment of the Turkish State. This review will show you how powerful and concise the source of Atatürk's Principles is.

Know very well that to be against Atatürk's principles, to deny them is a betrayal of our national values.

Best wishes for success

Izmir , September 15, 1988

Cemalettin Korkut”

Yes, I was a physics student at METU when I received the Speech book that was given to me above. Now I'm doing the best job in the world on engineering background. I am a teacher. I have had hundreds of students whose faces I have not even seen. Again, I've been running after the success stories of many successful Turkish women, whose faces I haven't even seen before.

I'm comfortable now. Because I will be able to serve my post before 09:05. I am at peace. He was waiting for this post from me. His energy burns me, burns millions. I know it will continue to burn. As Nazım said, we will continue to work for people whose faces we have not even seen. We have to. We are in this race. We will be. We have to be.

Yasemin Özkan Aydın, Ali Ekrem Adıyaman are the fruits of the Republic he founded. This lofty plane tree will take root. I have no doubt of that. There is always this in the sentences of a thinker and Atatürk at the same time.

“Worrying is a leak of energy”

As my last words;

Dear Atam;

I was able to meet my debt to you today. I hope you liked it. I know you don't expect me. However, I am a Physics Teacher. I am at peace because of what I got from my uncle and from you. I promise to work. I will continue to stay in this corner for my students and young people. I promise you. Glad you passed our lives. How happy for us and how happy is the one who says I am a Turk”

I finished my writing.

Stay healthy.

07:21 November 10, 2021








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