Intelligent Transistor

Smart Transistor is Coming

Transistors are very important electronic circuit elements. They form the heart of the central processing units. It is thought that the electronic component, that is, the new generation transistors, will cause a revolutionary change in technology. These transistors perform very different tasks. [more…]

Opening Business in Turkey

Opening a Business in Turkey

Everyone agrees that establishing a company abroad is not as easy as it is in Turkey. It is easier to open a business in Turkey than in other countries. The main reason for this is that you not only learn about your company's tax obligations, but also that [more…]

semiconductors reach t

Semiconductors and the Quantum World

Quantum effects in superconductors could represent a new and unexpected change in semiconductor technology. Researchers at New York's Paul Scherrer Institute PSI and Cornell University will be able to integrate quantum devices into semiconductor technology and [more…]

Two Sides of James Webbin

James Webb Launches Dec 25

The James Webb Space Telescope is the next chapter in alien-based telescope astronomy. Webb's mission builds on the legacy of the Hubble Space Telescope's powerful imaging capabilities and is inspired by the Spitzer Space Telescope's imaging capabilities. of the telescope [more…]

Photons Can Be Divided

Photons Can Be Divided

According to a study by Dartmouth and SUNY Polytechnic Institute researchers, Italian physicist Ettore Majorana laid the foundation for the discovery that electrons can be split in half. Nearly a century later, researchers also found that split photons [more…]

Quantum Spin Fluid

New Hope for Alzheimer's Disease

Harvard scientists have announced that they can accelerate the development of supercomputers. They also proved the existence of a new substance called quantum spin fluid that could help treat diseases like Alzheimer's. In this new case quantum spin [more…]

The Development of Quantum Computers

Quantum Computing Paradigm

The Quantum Computing Paradigm enables computation with resources that work according to the principles of quantum mechanics and have no classical counterparts. Algorithms developed according to this computing paradigm are used in quantum computers, quantum secure communication protocols, artificial [more…]

Introduction to Quantum Mechanics 04

Quantum Leap

We are looking for the answer to the question of what is Quantum Leap? The concept of Quantum Leap is a concept that was first put forward by Danish physicist Niels Bohr in 1913 in the historical process. Only energy around the atomic nucleus of electrons [more…]

Ete Yachting

What Are Luxury Yachts?

Luxury Yachts can be sailboat or motor driven. They are defined by their flashy appearance and the extraordinary expense of their cost and maintenance. They are like floating palaces that spare no expense. Luxury yachts are privately owned and privately crewed [more…]

Salt Grain-sized Camera

Camera the Size of a Grain of Salt

When talking about the concept of scientific creativity, it is impossible not to mention the dimensions of the cameras. Hold on tight, we can say that the size of the cameras keep getting smaller and smaller, and they are now the size of a grain of salt. As a metasurface consisting of 1,6 million cylindrical segments [more…]

Karahantepe Excavations

Şanlıurfa is Changing History

Like Göbeklitepe, a statue head carved into the bedrock and ritual areas were discovered at Karahan Tepe in Şanlıurfa. Karahan Tepe, located in Şanlıurfa and where more than 250 obelisks have been identified, is older than Göbeklitepe. [more…]

The Life of the Higgs Boson Has Been Measured

Lifespan of Higgs Boson Measured

Physicists at CERN have measured the lifetime of the Higgs boson with greater accuracy than ever before. Since the mythical particle lives only a tiny fraction per second, scientists are creative and workaround to calculate the new figure. [more…]

RoboThespian Cogx

Humanoid Robots Are Amazing

Meet RoboThespian, we want to introduce you to a robot designed for human interaction in a humanoid designed public space. It is a robot from Engineered Arts. He has an incredibly impressive array of movements and emotions. [more…]

Tail of the New Dinosaur Tour

New Dinosaur Species with Battle-axe Tails

T-rex had huge teeth. Raptors had sharp, scythe-like claws. Triceratops fought with horns attached to the head. The ancient arsenal of dinosaur warfare was diverse and now a brand new weapon has been added to the collection. Paleontologists, battle ax [more…]

NASA James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb Telescope Now Available

Engineering teams completed additional testing confirming NASA's James Webb Space Telescope is ready for flight. We share the live broadcast link with you. James Webb's Wednesday, December 22 at 07:20 EST / 12:20 UTC / [more…]


First Living Robot Created

Xenobots designed by artificial intelligence can now take their place in the medical world. The structures created are biologically self-replicating. It is also a promising tool for Regenerative Medicine. [more…]

Seferihisar Science Festival

Seferihisar Science Festival

SEFERİHİSAR SCIENCE FESTIVAL - SCIENCE OVERCOME BARRIERS. SEFERİHİSAR SCIENCE FESTIVAL Date: 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 December 2021 Workshops will be between 10:00 – 17:30. night observation clock [more…]

Egyptian Pyramids

Was Concrete Used in the Egyptian Pyramids?

The research of the construction process in the Egyptian Pyramids has attracted the attention of scientists and archaeologists. For this reason, many scientists on the Egyptian Pyramids have made publications within universities. “Egypt” directed at mainstream archaeologists [more…]