NASA James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb About to Orbit

The James Webb Telescope is almost complete before it enters L2 orbit. By reading these lines, the orbital process will most likely be completed. On Monday, January 24, engineers gave a final push to NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. [more…]

Borek Transplantation from Pig to Human

Pig to Human Kidney Transplantation

Two pig kidneys, genetically engineered to avoid rejection by the immune system, were transplanted into a brain-dead man as the first step in treating the patients. During the 77 hours that the experiment in the USA lasted, [more…]

Pristine Coral Reefs Found in Tahiti

Pristine Coral Reefs Found in Tahiti

Deep in the South Pacific, scientists have discovered rare pristine corals in the form of roses off the coast of Tahiti. It is as important below as the top of the earth. The inability to easily examine the ocean floors and coasts is a factor in the inability to make discoveries. your reef [more…]

World's Smallest Antenna

World's Smallest Antenna

Chemists from the University of Montreal are using DNA to build the world's smallest antenna. Researchers have created a nanoantenna to track the movement of proteins. The device, reported this week in Nature Methods, shows the structural changes in proteins over time. [more…]

Tonga Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption in Tonga

The United States and Japan have advised residents of the Pacific coast to stay away from the coast as a precaution against tsunami waves caused by a volcanic eruption in the South Pacific. Japan warns of waves up to 3 meters high [more…]

National Observation Satellite Imece

National Observation Satellite İmece

Minister Varank, on his Twitter account, following the "National Technologies and New Investments Collective Opening and Promotion Ceremony" held at the Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. (TUSAŞ) facilities in Kahramankazan, Space Systems Integration within TAI [more…]

Envisioning Exoplanets

Discovery of Exoplanets

You can follow the experts of the James Webb Space Telescope here with real-time updates on the latest step in the deployment of the observatory. James Webb, who has extraordinary features in the Discovery of Exoplanets compared to old telescopes, tells us. [more…]

Hackers in Action in Portugal

Hackers Take Action in Portugal

Hackers hit the major Portuguese media group. It crashed the company's websites. One of Portugal's leading media conglomerates announced on Thursday that a group calling itself "Lapsus$" has released the company's online services. [more…]

cern administrative student program in geneva

CERN's Summer Student Program

CERN's Summer Student Program continues to be offered regularly to students as one of CERN's core missions. Enthusiastic experts spend 8-13 weeks with students from around the world, helping students develop their skills. [more…]

Domestic and National X-ray

Domestic X-Ray Device from Aselsan

The x-ray device ARIN, developed by ASELSAN in 11 months with domestic and national resources, has started to be used at Gaziantep Airport. We congratulate Aselsan and wish that its domestic and national productions will continue to increase. Domestic X Ray Device [more…]

Who Is Marie Curie What She Did

Foreign Cinema Marie Curie

Marie Noëlle is the director of the film, which is about the struggle of the first female Nobel Prize-winning scientist to be recognized in the scientific community. Marie Curie is the first woman to win the Nobel Prize in Physics. His achievements also earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. [more…]