Assignment to the Turkish Space Agency

TUA Assignment
TUA Assignment

A statement signed by Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, President of the Turkish Space Agency, was shared. In the statement shared on the social media account of the Turkish Space Agency, "I have witnessed that there are deliberate statements in the news about İlyas Haliloğlu's appointment as TUA Presidential Advisor in some media today. TUA is an institution where administrative and bureaucratic works are carried out as a government institution as well as space studies.

Let's end the explanation that started and continues here and move on to the content of our article.

We believe that the formation of İlyas Haliloğlu, a graduate of the Department of Vegetable Production Techniques, should be benefited from the experience of vegetables grown in a gravity-free environment, what they need and how they develop.

Although not for this purpose, we recommend that you take a look at our previously published "A Week of the International Space Station" article. What is done for plants in an environment where there is no gravity. Which projects are being carried out on this subject? You will find the details.

For this purpose, we wish success to İlyas Haliloğlu, a graduate of the Department of Vegetable Production Technique, in his consultancy role at the Turkish Space Agency.

We wish and hope that the above-mentioned issues were taken into account in the appointment.

We like to think it is. However, we know and understand that unfortunately the facts and the tragic funnyness of the current situation cannot prevent us from writing these lines.

Again, we will share with you what is being done about space studies around the world, often even every day, on this channel.

Now, let us briefly give you some information about our Turkish Scientists.

We will tell and introduce who Feryal Özel is.
We will tell you what Canan Dağdeviren is doing.
We will tell you what Betül Kaçar is doing.
We will tell you who Yasemin Özkan Aydın is.
We will tell you who Mete Atatüre is.
We will tell you what Ali Alpar advises us.
We will continue to proudly explain the work of our astronomers at the Eastern Anatolia Observatory.

Just as the assignment to the Space Agency did not live up to our expectation of pride.

It is good that we have trained our young people. They know about everything.

They also know Elon Musk. SpaceX too. Virgin Atlantic too.

Just like the assignment made to Tübitak from the Zoo before.

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