Carbon Dioxide Additive Concrete Was Produced

Substance Similar to Concrete from Carbon Dioxide
Substance Similar to Concrete from Carbon Dioxide

CarbonCure Technologies, a Canadian carbon technology company, CO2began producing a cement-like material that reduces concrete's carbon footprint. The material has garnered a lot of attention in 2020 since it received a large investment from Amazon's $2 billion Climate Fund in 2040. The company is also backed by Bill Gates. The company set a goal of achieving net zero carbon emissions by XNUMX, ten years before the global commitments of the Paris Climate Agreement. Let's start to talk about the details of "Concrete with Carbon Dioxide Additive Produced", which is the subject of our article.

CarbonCure is among 86 companies large and small that have pledged to reduce their carbon footprints in the latest round of the Climate Commitment, an effort led by Amazon and climate action advocacy group Global Optimism.

In addition, more than 1.8 companies with $200 trillion in revenue have agreed to target a tougher carbon reduction target by reducing their total emissions by 2040 billion metric tons per year by 1,98.

Let's give some information about concrete, which is our subject.

The new product cement is stronger than conventionally produced concrete, so builders can use smaller amounts in their mixes. The company states that CarbonCure concrete has a carbon footprint of 5 percent less than regular concrete.

Around 400 concrete plants worldwide use CarbonCure's concrete technology.

Although the company still has cement in its production recipe, it adds recycled carbon dioxide to its recipe.

The company explains that CarbonCure has developed a technology to produce an additive from carbon dioxide through fertilizer plants and industrial gas producers. It removes greenhouse gas from the atmosphere and turns it into a mineral.

Using the resulting product instead of Portland cement provides environmental benefits.

CarbonCure, the company's claim, will keep the carbon dioxide trapped in the concrete permanently within the concrete for thousands of years.

CO after injection into concrete2 immediately turns into rock. Even if this concrete breaks, mineralized CO2 It does not leak and does not return to the atmosphere.

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