What is Monophase and Threephase? What is the difference between them?

what is monophase and three phase
what is monophase and three phase

In electrical transmission lines, independent energy branches carrying voltage on them are called phases. In other words, in energy systems, the windings wound on the stator with an angle of 120 degrees create electrical energy with a 120-degree angle difference on the winding with the effect of the magnetic field formed with the rotational movement of the rotor.

The word mono means one or only. Monophase also means single phase. Monophase, which is defined as an electricity supply consisting of a neutral line and a phase as well as alternating current, has a voltage of 220 volts and a speed of 50 Hz in Turkey. While it is possible to find various mono-phase products in particular, mono-phase regulator, mono-phase socket, mono-phase motor, analog-phase regulator, mono-phase meter and mono-phase rubber products are just some of them.

What is Monophase?

The term monophase, which is closely related to electricity, means single phase. Monophase, which is expressed as an electricity supply consisting of an independent energy branch and a neutral line carrying voltage with alternating electric current, operates at 50 Hz in Turkey. In addition, this supply, whose voltage type is known as 220 volts, can go up to 230 Volts. Various small electrical appliances such as coolers, fans, heaters and grinders are often used.

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In systems developed as monozafe, two different cables are needed to form the circuit. One of these two wires is phase and the other is neutral. In such systems, the phase carries the electric current, in other words the voltage, while the neutral acts as the return path of the current.

What is Three Phase?

The word tri comes from Latin and means three. Three-phase is the three-phase supply we use in shops and industry. In our country, it is known as industrial electricity with a voltage of 380 volts.

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Three-phase generation is similar to single-phase generation. While there is a rotating coil in the magnetic field in single-phase systems, there are 3 coils in three-phase systems. The coils are placed to each other at an angle of 120 degrees. While the power is fluctuating in single-phase systems, it is smooth in polyphase systems. Therefore, the torque of the motors in multi-phase systems is more uniform than in single-phase systems. Three-phase motors are simpler than single-phase motors, require less maintenance and have higher efficiency.

What are Monophase Products?

Monophase products can vary. Various electrical devices such as meters, motors, regulators, contactors, fuses, poka switches, sockets, analog single-phase regulators and so on can be shown as mono-phase products.

What are the Differences Between Monophase and Threephase?

While three-phase is an electrical supply consisting of three phases and a neutral, there are many differences between single-phase and three-phase. These differences can be listed as follows.

In single-phase type of electricity supply, power is transmitted from only one conductor, while in three-phase there are three different conductors. The efficiency of the three-phase system is higher compared to the single-phase system. The reason for this can be shown as the three conductors being stronger than one phase in terms of equivalent circuit. While the voltage rises up to 230 volts in the single-phase system, this voltage can reach 400 volts in the three-phase system.

In a single-phase system, there are two cables, neutral and phase, that bring the network together. In the three-phase system, there are four cables, three phases and one neutral. Monophase system needs more maintenance. Therefore, its cost is higher when compared to the three-phase system.

The single-phase system is a system that is generally used in domestic environments and to transmit small voltages. The three-phase system, on the other hand, is mostly used in areas such as factories, industry and industry to transmit large-scale and heavy loads.

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