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Orhan Veli Kanik
Orhan Veli Kanik

Orhan Veli Kanık (13 April 1914 – 14 November 1950), better known as Orhan Veli, was a Turkish poet. Kanık, who is the founder of the innovative Garip movement together with Melih Cevdet and Oktay Rifat, aimed to fundamentally change the old structure of Turkish poetry and carried the saying of the man in the street into the language of poetry. In addition to his poems, the poet has written many works in the field of stories, essays, articles and translations in his thirty-six-year life.

The Great Poet Who Caused the Birth of the Strange Current

Orhan Veli, who avoided everything old in order to reveal a new taste, refused to use syllabic and aruz measures. The rhyme is primitive; He explained that he found literary arts such as metaphor, simile and exaggeration unnecessary. Although this desire of Kanık, who set out with the aim of "throwing away all the tradition and everything taught by the past literatures", reduced the technical possibilities he could use in his poetry, the poet created new fields for himself with the subjects he dealt with, the people he talked about and the words he used. By adopting a plain expression, he brought the language of poetry closer to the spoken language. In 1941, his poems, which are examples of these ideas, were published in the poetry book Garip, which he published with his friends, and caused the emergence of the Garip movement. This movement had a great impact on the poetry of the Republican period, especially between the years 1940-1950. Garip poetry is considered a touchstone in Turkish poetry with its destructive and constructive features.

We live free, free;
Air free, cloud free;
The creek is free;
Rain mud free;
outside of cars,
the door of the cinemas,
Displays are free;
Cheese is not bread
Brackish water is free;
Freedom at the price of the head
Captivity is free;
We live free, free.

Orhan Veli Kanik

Because of these innovations he brought to poetry, Kanık was at first very strange, he received harsh criticism and was belittled. His works, which break with tradition, have always aroused interest, even though they were first met with astonishment and strangeness, and later with amusement and humiliation. This interest in a short time led to an increase in understanding, love and admiration for the poet. Sait Faik Abasıyanık also drew attention to this aspect of Orhan Veli, saying that he was “the most emphasized, sometimes ridiculed, sometimes asserted, denied again, accepted again; He described him as a poet who had achieved both good and bad reputation in his time.

Although he came to the fore with his poems written during the Garip period, Orhan Veli avoided writing "one-of-a-kind" poems. The literary life of Kanık, who is constantly searching, renewing himself, and living a long poetry adventure throughout his short life, consists of different stages. Oktay Rifat said: “Orhan lived the poetry adventure of several generations of French poets in his short life. Turkish poetry came together with European poetry thanks to his pen.” and “He accomplished in those few years a change that perhaps several generations could achieve in a row.” explained in his words.

When a strange Orhan Veli, who gave his name to the “Strange” movement, died, a piece of paper wrapped in a toothbrush was found in his jacket pocket. There was a poem on the paper that was unfinished and some of it was so faint that it could not be read.

Veli wrote his unfinished poem called “The Picture Pass of Love” to all the women he fell in love with.

Orhan Veli's first eye pain...
The first is that thin, twig-like girl.
Now I think a merchant's wife
Who knows how fat he got.
But I would still love to see
Is it easy, first eye pain…

Part of the poem was deleted and unreadable.
……………………we used to stop in the neighborhood
….our names were written side by side on the walls
………………………….in fire places…

Third was Münevver sister, older than me
The letters I wrote and wrote and threw in your garden
He would join in laughing, as he read.
I'm ashamed as if it's today
As I remember those letters…

The fourth is a passionate woman,
He used to tell me lewd things.
One day he undressed in front of me
Years passed, I couldn't forget
How many times has he been in my dreams?

He skipped the fifth; Or was he… the true love he was talking about later?
Let's skip the fifth and come to the sixth
Her name is Nurunnisa.
oh my beautiful
oh i know
Nurunnisa in my soul...

Seventh, Aliye, a kind woman
But I couldn't taste it
Like all kind women,
For the price of earrings, the price of fur…

12 women entered Orhan Veli's life…
The eighth was of that lineage:
You seek honor in your wife's hand,
Have you searched yourself
get on the cubes.
Moreover, in himself
Your lie is a thousand and one money.

Ayten was the name of the ninth,
Belly in bars
Prisoner of this and that at work,
But did he leave the bar
He sleeps with whomever he wants.

Some he left, some left him...
The tenth turned out to be smart
He left me.
But he wasn't wrong either,
Making love is for the rich
When two hearts become one
The haystack has been watched but
Even if the two are naked
It is worthy of a bath…

The eleventh was a woman devoted to her work.
Well, what should he do?
A daily worker next to a tyrant;
Her name is Luxandra.
He comes to my room at night
stays till morning
Drinks cognac, gets drunk
He would start work in the morning with the dawn...

And there it is, that woman!
Let's get to the last one.
Until I'm attached to it
I am not connected to any of them.
Not just a woman, but a human.
What a polite idiot,
He has no eyes on property or property.
If we are equal
He says if we are free
He also knows how to love people.
As much as he likes to live…

Orhan Veli's last love was Nahit Hanım.
His brother Adnan Veli used to say that the poet loved Nahit Hanım until his death.
Orhan Veli Kanık was only 36 years old when he fell into a hole dug by the municipality in Ankara. He was injured in the head.
He came to Istanbul and became very ill at a friend's house.
He had a jacket on…
A jacket, a toothbrush, and unfinished love…

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