Ataturk and Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein's Answer to Atatürk

In the 1930s, Einstein, who was teaching at the University of Berlin, could not stand the Nazi pressure any longer and moved to Paris. Of course, other Jewish professors in Germany were also looking for a safe country where they could take refuge, as they were not safe. Request [more…]

quantum chip hybrid device

Nondestructive Testing in a Quantum System

There is an important aspect of quantum computing that you may not have considered before. These measurements, called 'quantum non-destructive or non-destructive measurements', refer to observing certain quantum states without destroying them in the process. [more…]

Elusive Superconducting Superhydride Synthesized

Superconducting Superhydride Synthesized

Ten years after it was theorized, scientists in China have synthesized a new type of superconductor, the superhydride CaH6. There are several ways that physicists hope could lead to practical, room-temperature superconductors. Among them, the most efficient [more…]

halite organic inclusions

830 Million-Year-Old Organisms Found

A team of geologists has discovered tiny remnants of prokaryotic and algal life trapped inside halite crystals dating back 830 million years. It is a discovery that will be considered very seriously in the scientific world. Halite, rock salt [more…]