What is Density and How is it Calculated? What is Density Formula?

what is ozkutle
what is ozkutle

Density is one of the characteristic properties of matter and it is a concept we encounter frequently, especially in physics lessons. The concept of density has a great importance in the physics lesson, which is the fearful dream of the students. What is density and how is it found? We have compiled the details of density calculation and formula in an understandable way for you…

History of Density

In a well-known, possibly fictional, story, Archimedes was tasked with finding out if the jeweler had stolen the gold while creating a gold wreath dedicated to the gods and replaced it with another cheaper alloy.

Although the king disapproved, Archimedes was aware that the asymmetrical wreath could be made into a cube whose volume could be simply calculated and compared to the mass. It is reported that Archimedes, apparently confused, took an immersion bath and discovered that, from rising water, he was able to determine the volume of the gold wreath by the displacement of the water. As soon as he realizes this, he says, “Eureka! Eureka!” he ran through the streets shouting.

(E! “I found it” in Greek) As a result, the word “eureka” began to be widely used to describe a breakthrough in understanding.

Two centuries after this event was said to have occurred, the story first appeared in writing in the architectural writings of Vitruvius. The veracity of this story has been questioned by several academics, who cautioned that the approach would require precise measurements that were difficult to take at the time.

What is Ozkutle
What is Density

What is Density?

Density is briefly defined as the amount of substance per unit volume when a certain pressure and temperature is applied. Density is also expressed as density in some books and articles.

Disease diagnoses and blood value ratios are calculated by using the density formula in the tests performed in hospitals. Porcelain making is also among the fields that require density information. In jewellery, the purity of the materials is also understood by the density. Self-mass is used in all areas of life and is therefore very important.

How to Find Density?

Density is characteristic for substances, but it may not always be clear which substance is a substance with a known density. For a substance at constant temperature and pressure, the volume increases as the mass increases. Since the mass and volume are directly proportional to each other, the density does not change in a substance whose mass or volume increases or decreases. Density is a fixed value for substances. Therefore, density can also be defined as the mass of a unit volume.

Density is distinctive for all states of matter. Because every substance has its own specific mass. If the substance whose density is given is in pure form, it can be easily understood which substance it is. Because the density values ​​of the substances are constant and in any case do not change depending on the mass or volume. Densities of some substances are as follows:

  • Water (+4°C) = 1,00
  • Olive oil= 0,910
  • Lead= 11,30
  • Gold = 19,30
  • Iron = 7,86
  • Nitrogen= 1,25.10–3
  • Copper = 8,92
  • Gasoline =0,879
  • chloroform = 1,49
  • Ethyl alcohol= 0,780
  • Air= 1,29.10–3
  • Oxygen= 1,43.10–3
  • Aluminum= 2,70
  • Helium= 1,78.10–4

In physics, the density formula is used to calculate density. The density formula is d=m/v.

Here d is the density in g/cm³. m is the mass in grams and v is the volume in cm³. Therefore, the density can be easily calculated with the mass/volume formula.

Depending on this formula, the density of a substance whose mass and volume is given can be found depending on the formula. At the same time, given the two values ​​in this formula, the third unknown value is easily calculated. The mass of a substance given its density and volume, and the volume of a substance given its density and mass can be calculated using the formula d=m/v. Density formula is valid for all states of matter, and the thing to note here is that the calculation is based on units.

Although it is only a physics lesson subject for students, it is a concept that many professions actively use in daily life. Density formula is frequently used especially in jewelry, chemistry and laboratory fields. Most fields of medical science bring with it density information.

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