The First Turkish Astronaut Will Go to Space in 2023!

The date when the first Turkish astronaut will go to space is determined
The date when the first Turkish astronaut will go to space is determined

Mehmet Fatih Kacır, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology, stated that they have implemented important projects in the field of space and said, “We have goals to reach the moon. We will implement the two-stage moon mission in 2023 and 2028. We will send our first Turkish astronaut to the International Space Station,” he said.

In his speech at the opening, Deputy Minister of Industry and Technology Mehmet Fatih Kacır stated that the 2-stage 'Moon' mission will be implemented and that the İMECE and TÜRKSAT 6-A satellites will be launched into space next year. Stating that the first Turkish astronaut will be sent to the International Space Station, Kacır said:

“In the coming period, we will be realizing exciting works in the field of space. Actually, Turkey is a country experienced in space technologies. We are developing IMECE, our national imaging satellite, locally, under the leadership of TUBITAK. We own the design, development and production. Again, we are developing TÜRKSAT 6-A, our first national communication satellite, together with our stakeholders such as TÜBİTAK Space, TUSAŞ and ASELSAN.

The First Turkish Astronaut Will Go to Space in 2023!

According to the Space Program announced after the 23.05.2022 Cabinet meeting, the explanations are as follows:

My dear nation, dear young people, about a year ago, we announced our national space program from this podium for a Turkey that has put forward its claim in the field of space.

I am speaking to our young people who are watching us on their screens now, and I shared with you 10 ambitious but grounded goals that we have set to protect our country's rights and interests in space, befitting Turkey and our civilization. We are progressing step by step in a wide range of target headings, from reaching the moon to creating a space ecosystem, from establishing permanent international partnerships to developing human resources. Today, I would like to share with you an important announcement regarding one of our goals.

We now know very well that political independence in the world passes through technological independence. As Turkey, we are working to train the necessary human resources to identify our technological independence, to build infrastructure and superstructure, and to raise awareness in this area.

We are building a Turkey with every rotation from the technologies that determine the world order, from defense to manufacturing industry, from research and development to informatics. In this respect, taking part in the space race is not a luxury but an obligation for Turkey.

In order to be a pioneer in technology, we need to get the share we deserve from the experiences to be gained in the field of space. Every goal we will achieve within the scope of the program will be a cornerstone for Turkey's success in its new 100 years.

Remember, we watched the space race of a generation of countries on black and white phones on television, we want Turkish youth to be the leading actors of the space half, with the vision of a national technology move. That's why today we will throw a man together on a brand new donkey at a historical moment on behalf of our country.

I'm sure many people have dreamed of going to space from a young age, through the members of the press in this room, through all my minister friends, and there are still those who do.

We are officially starting the process of sending a Turkish citizen to the International Space Station within the framework of our national space program.

Undoubtedly, this will be a national mission, and our citizen, whom we will send into space, will have the opportunity to carry out scientific tests and experiments that he or other scientists in Turkey want to do in a gravity-free space environment.

Turkish Candidate Astronauts Wanted

We have created the address ​​for application. All citizens of the Republic of Turkey, younger than 45 years old, who meet the specified educational requirements, can apply for this position.

As our ambassador, 2 candidates to be drawn and selected from all applications will receive all the necessary training for the process of going into space, and at the end of the training, one of these two candidates will be sent to the International Space Station in 2023.


The Turkish Space Traveler and Science Mission is one of the 10 targets set within the scope of the National Space Program. In the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey, a Turkish citizen will be sent to the International Space Station after receiving the necessary training. Within the scope of this mission, Turkey's first manned space mission will be carried out and our scientists will be provided with the opportunity to conduct experiments under the conditions of the International Space Station.

To fulfill this task, 2 (two) candidates will be determined among the applications made by Turkish citizens. The selected candidates will be employed within TUA or TÜBİTAK and will have a compulsory service obligation of 10 (ten) years. One of the candidates who have successfully completed their astronaut training will be sent to the International Space Station to perform a space mission that will take approximately 10 days.


Being a citizen of the Republic of Turkey, being born after 23 May 1977, not being prohibited from public rights,

To have graduated from one of the faculties of Education in the fields of Engineering, Medicine, Science / Basic Sciences or Science / Basic Sciences, which provides at least 4 years of undergraduate education in Higher Education Institutions,

Have a very good command of English, understand, speak and write,

Demonstrating English proficiency with the score obtained from one of the following exams (No validity period is required for the scores obtained from the specified exams),

English language level
English language level
  • KPDS: Public Personnel Foreign Language Proficiency Exam
  • YDS : Foreign Language Proficiency Exam
  • TOEFL IBT : Test of English as a Foreign Language – Internet-Based Test
  • TOEFL CBT : Test of English as a Foreign Language – Computer-Based Test
  • TOEFL PBT : Test of English as a Foreign Language – Paper-Based Test
  • CPE : Certificate of Proficiency in English

Providing the following body measurements,

height dimensions
Height Measurements


To have 100% (Snellen 20/20) visual acuity in both eyes naturally or after correction with glasses/contact lenses,

Not having any of the color vision disorders,

Not experiencing any limb loss or transplant,

Not using a prosthesis and not having a platinum/screw in the body,

Have normal range of motion and functionality for all joints,

Not having a hearing defect (to be able to hear a speech at normal volume in a quiet room from a distance of 2 meters with the back turned without difficulty and error),

Not having experienced eardrum discomfort, Eustachian tube problems, otosclerosis and similar disorders,

Having blood pressure / blood pressure below 155/95, not having a chronic heart and vascular system disease,

Not have a respiratory system disease that impairs lung functions,

No serious illness or sequelae of previous surgeries that may cause obstruction in the digestive system and risk flight safety,

No disease or sequelae of previous surgeries in the urinary and reproductive tracts (genitourinary system),

Not have a serious or contagious infectious disease that may endanger flight safety,

Not having had major gynecological surgery,

Have not experienced panic disorder, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorder, bipolar disorder, suicidal ideation, insomnia or other severe personality disorders,

Not having experienced alcohol, drug/stimulant or drug addiction at any time in his life,

No fear of darkness, heights, speed, accidents, crowds, suffocation/suffocation, clutter, loneliness/isolation, confined/confined spaces,

Nervous system disorders such as epilepsy, tremor, MS (multiple sclerosis), stroke (paralysis) and not having experienced unconsciousness of unknown cause,

Not having diabetes that requires treatment with insulin or other hypoglycemic drugs.

Considering the requirements of the post, it is preferred that candidates have the following personality traits:

Having the knowledge and skills necessary to understand the working principles of complex systems,

Having the ability to solve problems, especially in uncomfortable and restricted environments and in the presence of external stimuli encountered for the first time,

Being prone to teamwork and having high level communication skills,

Being able to stay calm under pressure and difficulties, be solution-oriented and move forward by making logical decisions.

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