Minecraft Is Getting A New Byproduct

Minecraft Adds A New Byproduct

It is a pity that real-time strategy games no longer have many followers in today's gaming world. Of course, the games are still in development and there are a lot of great RTS games on the market, but this kind of [more…]

ios translate camera

ios 16 Flip Camera Feature

In iOS 16, Apple will add a system-wide translation feature to the Camera app, allowing users to interpret signs, packaging, and other items in real time. Using the ios 16 Flip Camera Translate feature [more…]

A New Chemical Reaction Discovered

A New Chemical Reaction Discovered

Professor at the University of Paderborn, Prof. Dr. Jan Paradies recently discovered an unprecedented reaction in which an entire molecular fragment migrates to another location within the particle. In the description in the textbooks [more…]