June 2022 Books on Physics and Their Prices

June Books on Physics and Their Prices
June Books on Physics and Their Prices

in Acoustics 

Loudspeaker Physics and Forced Vibration, WH Watkins (Springer, 2022) $119.99

Astronomy and Astrophysics

  • Cosmic Pinwheels: Spiral Galaxies and the Universe, RJ Buta (World Scientific, 2021) $58.00
  • Introduction to Orbital Perturbations, JM Longuski, FR Hoots, GE Pollock IV (Springer, 2022) $99.99
  • Millisecond Pulsars, S. Bhattacharyya, A. Papitto, D. Bhattacharya, eds. (Springer, 2022) $149.99
  • The Sky Is for Everyone: Women Astronomers in Their Own Words, V. Trimble, DA Weintraub, eds. (Princeton U. Press, 2022) $29.95

Atomic and Molecular Physics

  • Neutron Imaging: Basics, Techniques and Applications, DK Aswal, PS Sarkar, YS Kashyap, eds. (Springer, 2022) $149.99

Biological and Medical Physics

  • Cancer in the Arab World, HO Al-Shamsi, IH Abu-Gheida, F. Iqbal, A. Al-Awadhi, eds. (Springer, 2022) $59.99
  • COVID-19 Epidemiology and Virus Dynamics: Nonlinear Physics and Mathematical Modeling, TD Frank (Springer, 2022) $149.99
  • Invading Ecological Networks, C. Hui, DM Richardson (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $115.00
  • Single-Molecule Science: From Super-Resolution Microscopy to DNA Mapping and Diagnostics, K. Appasani, RK Appasani, eds. (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $125.00

Chemical Physics

  • Lothar Meyer, Modern Theories and Pathways to Periodicity, G. Boeck, AJ Rocke (Birkhäuser, 2022) $109.99

Informatics and Computational Physics 

  • Computational Optical Phase Imaging, C. Liu, S. Wang, SP Veetil (Springer, 2022) $149.99
  • Deep Learning in Multi-step Prediction of Chaotic Dynamics, M. Sangiorgio F. Dercole, G. Guariso (Springer, 2021) $54.99

Solid State Physics

  • D-wave Superconductivity, T. Xiang, C. Wu (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $79.99
  • Liquid Crystals and their Computer Simulations, C. Zannoni (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $99.99

cosmology and relativity

  • Applications of General Relativity: With Problems, P. Jetzer (Springer, 2022) $84.99
  • Modern Special Relativity: A Student's Guide with Discussions and Examples, J. Rafelski (Springer, 2022) $59.99
  • The Special Theory of Relativity: A Mathematical Approach, F. Rahaman (Springer, 2022) $99.99

Hardware Physics 

  • Analog Circuits for Machine Learning, Current/Voltage/Temperature Sensors, and High-speed Communication: Advances in Analog Circuit Design 2021, P. Harpe, KAA Makinwa, A. Baschirotto, eds. (Springer, 2022) $139.99
  • Electronic Sensor Design Principles, M. Tartagni (Cambridge U. Press, 2021) $115.00
  • Silicon Sensors and Actuators: The Feynman Roadmap, B. Vigna et al., eds. (Springer, 2022) $99.99


  • Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics, M. Kaushik (Springer, 2022) $109.99
  • Fundamentals of Turbomachines, E. Dick (Springer, 2022) $199.99
  • Microscopic Foundations of Relativistic Fluid Dynamics, GS Denicol, DH Rischke (Springer, 2021) $84.99


  • Nanoparticles: An Emerging Technology for Oil Production and Processing Applications, NN Nassar, FB Cortès, CA Franco, eds. (Springer, 2021) $129.00

History and Philosophy

  • Alfred North Whitehead: Philosopher of Time, R. Lestienne (World Scientific, 2022) $85.09
  • A History of Physics from Antiquity to the Enlightenment, M. Gliozzi; A. Gliozzi, F. Gliozzi, eds. (Cambridge Scholars, 2022) $99.95
  • I Never Call It Big Bang: George Gamow; The Extraordinary Story of a Genius of Physics, A. Bottino, C. Favero (World Scientific, 2022) $34.95
  • The Incomparable Monsignor: Francesco Bianchini's World of Science, History, and Court Intrigue, JL Heilbron (Oxford U. Press, 2022) $27.95
  • Investigating Art, History, and Literature with Astronomy: Determining Time, Place, and Other Hidden Details Linked to the Stars, DW Olson (Springer Praxis Books, 2022) $39.99
  • John Venn: A Life in Logic, LM Verburgt (U. Chicago Press, 2022) $45.00
  • The Oxford Handbook of the History of Quantum Interpretations, O. Freire Jr, ed. (Oxford U. Press, 2022) $190.00
  • Saints and Sinners in the Sky: Astronomy, Religion and Art in Western Culture, M. Mendillo (Springer Praxis Books, 2022) $34.99
  • The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics: A Relativistic Treatment (2nd ed.), RE Kastner (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $64.99

Material science

  • Electromagnetism: With Solved Problems, H. Camberaj (Springer, 2022) $79.99
    Flexible Sensors for Energy-Harvesting Applications, A. Nag, SC Mukhopadhyay, eds. (Springer, 2022) $149.99
    Graphene: From Theory to Applications, T. Zhang (Guangxi Science & Technology, 2022) $139.99

Books in Other Disciplines

  • From Electrons to Elephants and Elections: Exploring the Role of Content and Context, S. Wuppuluri, I. Stewart, eds (Springer, 2022) $109.99

Nonlinear Science and Chaos

  • Nonlinear Dynamics: A Concise Introduction Interlaced with Code, G. Datseris, U. Parlitz (Springer, 2022) $49.99

Optics and Photonics

  • Atmospheric Lidar Fundamentals: Laser Light Scattering from Atoms and Linear Molecules, C.-Y. She, JS Friedman (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $140.00
  • New Insights in Photocatalysis for Environmental Applications, MB Tahir, MS Rafique, M. Sagir, MF Malik (Springer, 2022) $54.99
  • Optical Waveguides Analysis and Design, A. Banerjee (Springer, 2022) $99.99
  • Optoelectronic Properties of Organic Semiconductors: Charge Generation and Recombination in Next-Generation Photovoltaic Devices, N. Zarrabi (Springer, 2022) $54.99
  • Plasmon-enhanced Light-Matter Interactions, P. Yu, H. Xu, ZM Wang, eds. (Springer, 2022) $149.99
  • Ultrafast Lasers: A Comprehensive Introduction to Fundamental Principles with Practical Applications, U. Keller (Springer, 2021) $149.99

Particle Physics

  • Phenomenology of Particle Physics, A. Rubbia (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $99.99

Popular Science Books

  • America's Energy Gamble: People, Economy and Planet, S. Gamper-Rabindran (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $27.99
  • Are Electromagnetic Fields Making Me Ill? How Electricity and Magnetism Affect Our Health, BJ Roth (Springer, 2022) $19.99
  • Before the Big Bang: The Origin of the Universe and What Lies Beyond, L. Mersini-Houghton (Mariner Books, 2022) $27.99
  • The Best Writing on Mathematics 2021, Mircea Pitici, ed. (Princeton U. Press, 2022) $24.95
  • Black Holes, E. Bloomer (Unicorn, 2022) $12.95
  • The Challenges of Time: Myth, Physics, Environment, W. Grassi (Springer, 2022) $29.99
  • Expedition into the Nanoworld: An Exciting Voyage from Optical Microscopy to Nanoscopy, A. Diaspro (Springer, 2022) $29.99
  • Invitation to Quantum Mechanics, DF Styer (World Scientific, 2022) $98.00
  • Space Exploration, D. Patel (Unicorn, 2022) $12.95
  • The Sun, B. Owens (Unicorn, 2022) $12.95
  • Time and Beauty: Why Time Flies and Beauty Never Dies, A. Bejan (World Scientific, 2022) $58.00
  • What Is Dark Matter?, P. Fisher (Princeton U. Press, 2022) $35.00

Quantum physics 

  • A First Course on Symmetry, Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics: The Foundations of Physics, G. Kunstatter, S. Das (Springer, 2022) $99.99
  • Interplay of Quantum Mechanics and Nonlinearity: Understanding Small-System Dynamics of the Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation, VM Kenkre (Springer, 2022) $79.99
  • Modern Physics Introduction to Statistical Mechanics, Relativity, and Quantum Physics, L. Salasnich (Springer, 2022) $84.99

Society and Politics 

  • Governance of Emerging Space Challenges: The Benefits of a Responsible Cosmopolitan State Policy, N. Schmidt, ed. (Springer, 2022) $119.99
  • Security and Defense: Ethical and Legal Challenges in the Face of Current Conflicts, JC Peña, ed (Springer, 2022) $119.99

space and planetary science

  • Asteroid Impact Risk: Impact Hazard from Asteroids and Comets, JM Trigo-Rodriguez (Springer, 2022) $149.99
  • Cosmochemistry (2nd ed.), H. McSween, Jr., G. Huss (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $79.99
  • Outer Space and Popular Culture: Influences and Interrelations, Part 2, A. Froehlich, ed. (Springer, 2022) $149.99

Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics

  • Analytical Thermodynamics, D. Li (Springer, 2022) $109.99
  • The Principles of Deep Learning Theory: An Effective Theory Approach to Understanding Neural Networks, DA Roberts, S. Yaida (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $79.99
  • Spatial Networks. A Complete Introduction: From Graph Theory and Statistical Physics to Real-World Applications, M. Bathelemy (Springer, 2022) $99.99
  • Thermodynamics, Kinetics and Microstructure Modeling, SPA Gill (IOP, 2022) $120.00

Texts and Education

  • Advanced Topics in Quantum Field Theory: A Lecture Course (2nd ed.), M. Shifman (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $99.99
  • Biometrics for Technical Products and Innovation: An Overview for Applications, K. Wanieck (Springer, 2022) $24.99
  • Cosmology, D. Baumann (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $69.99
  • Education and Heritage in the Era of Big Data in Astronomy: The First Steps on the IAU 2020–2030 Strategic Plan, RM Ros et al., eds. (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $130.00
  • A Graduate Course in NMR Spectroscopy, RV Hosur, VM Rao Kakita (Springer, 2022) $109.99
  • Intermediate Dynamics (2nd ed.), P. Hamill (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $69.99
  • An Introduction to Groups and their Matrices for Science Students, R. Kolenkow (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $59.99
  • An Introduction to Non-Abelian Discrete Symmetries for Particle Physicists, T. Kobayashi et al. (Springer, 2022) $84.99
  • Introduction to Numerical Linear Algebra, C. Börgers (SIAM, 2022) $79.00
  • A Quantum Computation Workbook, M.-S. Choi (Springer, 2022) $89.99
  • A Short Introduction to String Theory, T. Mohaupt (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $44.99
  • Solutions to Problems for Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory, Vol. 2: The Standard Model, RD Klauber (Sandtrove Press, 2021) $20.00
  • Special Relativity: From Einstein to Strings, PM Schwarz, JH Schwarz (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $49.99
  • Student Friendly Quantum Field Theory, Vol. 2: The Standard Model, RD Klauber (Sandtrove Press, 2021) $83.00
  • Superconductivity: An Introduction, R. Combescot (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $69.99
  • Symmetry, Broken Symmetry, and Topology in Modern Physics: A First Course, M. Guidry, Y. Sun (Cambridge U. Press, 2022) $79.99

Theory and Mathematical Methods 

  • Coarse Geometry of Topological Groups, C. Rosendal (Cambridge U. Press, 2021) $110.00
  • FDTD Analysis of Guided Electromagnetic Wave Interaction with Time-Modulated Dielectric Medium, D. Sarkar (Springer, 2022) $49.99
  • Fractional Derivative Modeling in Mechanics and Engineering, W. Chen, H. Sun, X. Li (Science Press, 2022) $99.99
  • Iterative Methods and Preconditioners for Systems of Linear Equations, G. Ciaramella, MJ Gander (SIAM, 2022) $79.00
  • Systems Science: Theory, Analysis, Modeling and Design, GE Mobus (Springer, 2022) $149.99
  • Sparse Polynomial Approximation of High-Dimensional Functions, B. Adcock, S. Brugiapaglia, CG Webster (SIAM, 2022) $84.00
  • Transfinite Interpolations and Eulerian/Lagrangian Dynamics, A. Garon, MC Delfour (SIAM, 2022) $89.00

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