ASEE Turkey Introduces Passwordless Authentication to Turkey with Keyless Cooperation

ASEE Turkey Keyless Cooperation
ASEE Turkey Keyless Cooperation

ASEE Turkey, which is the leader in 6 degree fraud prevention and with the solutions it offers to different sectors within Europe's 360th largest software company Asseco Group, has signed an important cooperation with Keyless, the world's leading company providing passwordless authentication solutions. Thus, companies in many sectors will eliminate password forgetting and related risks and problems thanks to Keyless's new generation authentication solutions that combine facial and behavioral biometrics and advanced encryption technologies.

The new generation passwordless authentication solution that ASEE Turkey will bring together with companies will protect the privacy of users by combining facial and behavioral biometrics and advanced encryption technology for both employees and consumers, and will provide a smooth authentication experience without sacrificing security and convenience. Thus, customer satisfaction will be increased by eliminating the difficulties faced by users in remembering their passwords, while transaction abandonment and operational costs that may arise due to forgotten passwords will be prevented; By eliminating the risk of password theft, fraud attacks will be effectively prevented.

Thanks to this solution, which is preferred by many leading companies in the world, from banks to the health sector, from retail to telecom companies, biometric data obtained in the machine learning-based ecosystem with multi-factor authentication that protects privacy is fragmented and encrypted. Then, encrypted data and biometric patterns are compared with each other. The Keyless solution, which will be distributed by ASEE Turkey, makes sure that the other person is the right person by using the matching data in a way that does not allow the biometric data to be disclosed.

ASEE Turkey Country Leader Hatice Ayas In his statement regarding the cooperation, he said, “With this cooperation, we are furthering our products and services in the field of fraud prevention. With advanced authentication solutions developed by Keyless for many sectors, especially the finance sector, we prevent digital identity theft attempts by eliminating passwords and also secure personal data.”

Keyless co-founder and CEO Andrea Carmignani “Companies around the world are tasked with protecting ever-evolving consumer transactions against the growing attempts of fraud, account hijacking and identity theft. We developed this solution by rethinking how personal information is managed and how we can prevent it from falling into the hands of attackers, to help organizations deliver risk-free and competitive digital experiences. Thanks to our cooperation with ASEE, we are happy to bring our solutions together with Turkey.”

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