We Became the European Leader in Photovoltaic Module Production!

photovoltaic battery production
photovoltaic battery production

Organized for the 81th time this year by the Architects and Engineers Group, where hundreds of thousands of architects and engineers work together for the future of Turkey, in order for our country to advance in a "common sense" synergy with all its fields in a prosperous and prosperous economy in 5 provinces of Turkey, With its comprehensive event "MMG-EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition", public and private affiliates, Technoparks, technology manufacturers, producers and technology developer companies in all fields of energy, entrepreneurs, investors, inventions and inventions made their names known to the world. brings together young university and successful high school students, academics, architects and engineers at Gebze Bilişim Vadisi Fair Center on 1-3 June.

On the second day of the "MMG-EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition", the opening speeches were made by the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources of the Republic of Turkey Fatih Dönmez, the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. Ömer Fatih Sayan, President of the Foreign Economic Relations Board (DEİK) Nail Olpak, General Manager of Bilişim Vadisi A. Serdar İbrahimcioğlu and Chairman of the Architects and Engineers Group Bülent Şen.


Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, who made the opening speeches of MMG-Euritech Eurasia R&D, Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition with his distinguished presence, said, “I am one of the founding members of the Architects and Engineers Group for this valuable summit and exhibition, which they organized for the 5th time. congratulations. These organizations are very important for young people to warm up to the sector. It is also beneficial for our industry in terms of meeting qualified human resources. Opportunities in our time were quite limited. The subject we call R&D starts right here. You have to combine limited possibilities with unlimited imagination. You add a new touch, a new perspective to something known. In order to do R&D, it is necessary to go out of the mold a little. The magic of this job is to be different. Pushing the limits in one aspect of R&D. It's important to push your own limits as well as those of others. Challenge, which outsiders call “Challenge,” is the core of R&D. You defy stereotypes. R&D is challenging prejudices and stereotypes. R&D is a feature that distinguishes today's companies from others. R&D, which has now become a distinctive feature for our companies, will be the trademark of the “Made In Turkey” brand in the upcoming period. When we say R&D in the energy sector, energy technologies are one of the sectors in which we take the most steps.”


Noting that today, with the success of domestic investments in solar energy, the rate of domesticity has reached 75%, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Fatih Dönmez said, “We have domestic technology production of 75% in solar energy, 65% in wind and 55% in geothermal energy. We are the European leader in production with capacity increases in photovoltaic modules, namely solar panels. Our solar panel manufacturers are among the most important solar panel suppliers in the world. Our solar panel manufacturers keep this success and pride alive in our country. The first and only integrated solar panel factory in Europe and the Middle East operates at full capacity in Turkey. Such investments have now become more accessible and less costly. Another area is wind energy. It is a more sophisticated field than solar energy. We produce many parts of it in Turkey with domestic facilities. Some of our industrialists have closed their orders and are no longer able to bid. Now they are making efforts to increase their production capacity and we are giving support. If the source is ours, the technology should be ours. Otherwise, we cannot talk about energy independence. Localization of technology in mining is one of our most important goals. Our goal is to export our resources as intermediate and end products. Because the mineral processed as a commercial product yields 24 times more than the mineral supplied as raw material. We will open the doors of a new era where technology belongs to us. We will lay the foundation of 4 facilities related to boron. Rare earth elements and lithium facilities will come. Here, we will be conducting studies on “Clean Energy”, nuclear and natural resources. We need to commercialize these products,” he said.


Developments and innovative technologies in all fields of energy were also discussed together with the public and private sectors under the chairmanship of Bülent Şen, Head of the Architects and Engineers Group. Turkish Coal Enterprises General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Directors Dr. Hasan Hüseyin Erdoğan, Chairman of KÖMÜRDER, Dr. Ömer Erdem, TR Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, General Manager of Energy Affairs Dr. Ömer Erdem, Demir Export General Manager Ramazan Yön attended. Fırat Es, R&D Manager of Kalyon PV, one of the leading companies in Turkey that has established the first and only integrated solar panel production facility in Europe as a solar panel producer in the “New and Renewable: Solar Energy” panel, and which has made its name known to the world in solar energy, Fırat Es, photovoltaic module He drew attention to the fact that Turkey is the first in Europe in solar panel production with its R&D and innovation investments in production. In the panel, it was stated that our country's breakthrough in electricity generation from renewable energy in recent years and the establishment of "advanced technology" factories to produce solar panels in our country in this breakthrough, R&D and innovation investments have been increased to meet global and local demand with capacity increases and these investments have been made. It was emphasized that the fast decisions taken by Turkish producers and making them "at the right time" are among the biggest factors of our country's success in electricity generation from solar energy. In the session, which drew attention to the fact that the total production capacity of EU countries is at the level of 3 thousand 200 megawatts, it was predicted that Turkey is the leader in Europe with its 7 thousand 960 megawatts production capacity and that Turkey will increase its solar production capacity to 2022 thousand 2023 megawatts with the investments to be made in 9 and 110. specified.


Making the opening speeches of the event, Architects and Engineers Group Chairman Bülent Şen said, “With the aim of making Turkey one of the developed countries; In order to attach importance to high-tech production and to strengthen the capital of our domestic companies, they need to be able to produce high value-added products with brand value and sell them to other countries of the world. In our country, especially in the last ten years, R&D studies have accelerated. Our companies have reached a level that can compete in the world markets with their innovative products compared to the previous ones. Public institutions and organizations, private sector companies and non-governmental organizations encourage R&D studies. Especially young people from many universities of our country will watch this summit. As a country, in order for us to produce high-tech and high value-added products with R&D and innovation, we need well-educated, talented and experienced people to realize all these. Even if all infrastructure and strategies are fully prepared, the most important element at the center of success is trained people. In order for us to produce high-tech products, we must first spend our efforts on trained manpower. We think that it is very important for our universities and industry to follow the activities on such platforms in raising these minds. As the Architects and Engineers Group, Eurasia's largest event in its field, Turkey's most valuable public institutions, companies, entrepreneurs, and especially the "Architects and Engineers Group", as the "Architects and Engineers Group", devotedly working for the development of our country within the framework of "common wisdom" in every part of our country. We are happy and grateful to have signed with our members. First of all, we would like to thank our ministries, institutions, companies, universities, Technoparks and participants. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the "MMG-EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition" and ultimately I hope that this event will bring maximum benefit to our country.


On the second day of “MMG-EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition”, Deputy Minister of TR Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Dr. In the session titled "Future Trends in Digital Technologies", chaired by Ömer Fatih Sayan, with the participation of Türk Telekom General Manager Ümit Önal, Vodafone Turkey CEO Engin AKSOY and Turkcell General Manager Murat Erkan; Inspiring speeches were made about the great leap forward it has provided and the success story of "Mobile Technology and Telecommunication", which has made its name in the first place in the world rankings of companies in Turkey, with R&D, technology and innovation provided on the basis of products and services by mobile technology.


In the "Success Stories from Local to Global" session, the Chairman of the Software Industrialists Association (YASAD) Chairman Gönül Kamali, was the first to talk.

With the guest of Insider Co-Founder Ali Can Kamiloğlu, we support our entrepreneurs in Turkey, as well as the necessity of being inspired and encouraged with examples of success in the way they will follow in order to maintain their local success in the global market, the importance of incentives and the importance of incentives, and more success stories of Turkish entrepreneurs in more than a hundred different sectors in the coming years. Emphasis was placed on writing.

On the second day of "MMG EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition", at the "Diplomatic Missions Dinner" hosted by DEİK President Nail Olpak, the products and technologies developed by Turkey's valuable companies and entrepreneurs with their determination and determination in private enterprises and the incentives provided by the public. and the steps to be taken together for the transformation of R&D, innovation and technology into export and trade to the whole world were discussed.

The guest of honor of the “Fintech Global Opportunities” panel, chaired by the General Manager of Information Commercialization Center İbrahim Elbaşı, was Swiss Ambassador to Ankara Jean-Daniel Ruch. Özgür Bayraktar, the founder of “Turan”, touched upon the secret of the success of Turkish fintech companies in the global arena.


One of the most striking topics of the "MMG EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition" was the "e-mobility" area, which has made a name for itself with its shining entrepreneurs in the last year. Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, and Mustafa Varank, Minister of Industry, Trade and Technology, also experienced the scooter that hit the roads with the local software of a Turkish company. In the "Sustainable Transportation: E-Mobility" session, under the chairmanship of ITU Energy Institute Director İlhan Kocaarslan, "Hey! With the participation of Serim Yazılım General Manager Rasim Serim and MOBEN Founder and CEO Emin Emrah Danış, whose scooter software they named "Scooter" draws attention, private companies in the field of domestic software and product development in e-mobility technologies, our Technopark companies and entrepreneurs have created synergy in this field in the near future. It was also given the good news that we will meet with new products and technologies.

In the "Future Technologies Hall" of the "MMG EURITECH Eurasia R&D Innovation & Technology Summit and Exhibition", remarkable sessions were held. In the "Innovation Areas of Energy in the Future" session, it was pointed out that the latest developments in solar, wind and hydrogen, the ore products produced or to be produced from our mines such as boron and lignite, and the transformation of our mines into valuable commercial products add 24 times more value to the economy.

Under the chairmanship of Derya Maraşlıoğlu, Head of Technology Development Department of the General Directorate of Eti Maden Operations, Asos Proses Makine General Manager

Önder Filiz, ASPİLSAN Energy R&D Manager Ahmet Altınay and Sakarya University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. “Innovation Areas of Energy in the Future” session was held with the participation of Hatem Akbulut.

One of the most striking panels of the second day sessions was “Why Are Our Unicorns Leaving the Gaming Industry?” session titled. Oyunder President Tansu Kendirli, Masomo CEO Sertaç PIÇAKÇI, SuperGears Games Co-founder Yasin Demirden and Gaming in Turkey, EU Gaming and E-Sports Agency Founder Ozan Aydemir explains all the dynamics of the success of the gaming industry, the future of e-sports and gaming technology, among thousands of companies. They told the young people how they got out as a developer and the secret of this business. Again, Gameder President Tansu Kendirli chaired the session, and ARVIS Games Co-founder Atakan Cankorur, Fiber Games Co-founder Sinan Akkol, Portuma CO-Founder Mesut Numanoğlu and Hero Concept co-founder Serkan Özay attended.


MMG-EURITECH EURASIA R&D, INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT AND EXHIBITION will also take place under the auspices of TR Ministry of Health and Turkish Health Institutes Presidency, “TÜSEB Future Health-Future Health Technologies Summit and Fair”. With the "Innovative Technologies in Pharmaceutical Production" and "Future of Neuroscience" panels within the scope of "R&D in Health" and "Health Technologies", which are among the main topics of the event, the developments and analyzes in technology, R&D and innovation in health, which is one of the strongest aspects of our country. and projects are announced with the participation of participants from all fields.

On the third day of MMG-EURITECH EURASIA R&D, INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT and EXHIBITION and on the closing day of Friday, June 3, the titles of “Next Generation Finance Instrument for Entrepreneurs: Crowdfunding” and “Financing Innovation and Start-ups: Transforming Ideas into Effects” and start-ups and entrepreneurs show great interest in the event.

Bülent Şen, Head of Architects and Engineers Group, working with optimum efficiency with all its branches located in 81 provinces in order to develop competencies in all fields aimed at growth in all areas of the economy, said that the “MMG- EURITECH EURASIA invites all stakeholders and relevant participants in the field of R&D, Technology and Innovation of our country to the R&D, INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT and EXHIBITION.

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