Who is Süleyman Bozdemir?

Suleyman Ozdemir Physicist
Suleyman Ozdemir Physicist

prof. Dr. We lost Süleyman BOZDEMİR. Condolences to the entire Physics Community and their fans.

prof. Dr. Süleyman BOZDEMİR was born in 1945 in Gülnar. After studying at Antalya Aksu Primary Teachers' School for five years and at Ankara Higher Teachers' School for a year as a boarder, he entered Ankara University Science Faculty Physics-Mathematics Department in the 1962-63 academic year. In the spring semester of 1967, he received his undergraduate physics and physics teaching diplomas from the university and graduated with good grades. After working as a physics teacher at Malatya Turan Emeksiz High School for one year, Mersin Toros College for two years, and Mersin Tevfik Sırrı Gür High School for a year, he went to England in November 1971 after winning a doctoral scholarship from the Ministry of National Education. He successfully completed his doctorate in theoretical condensed matter physics at Chelsea College, University of London, and returned to Turkey in July 1978.

prof. Dr. Süleyman Bozdemir started to work in the founding years of Çukurova University Physics Department, and naturally he made great contributions to the development of the physics department. During his years at Niğde University, he opened the physics department to teaching. Today, it offers valuable services to our country as a modern physics department with complete teaching staff, qualified education and good laboratory facilities.

Dr. As an assistant professor, he has been giving undergraduate and graduate courses at Çukurova University Physics Department since 1978 and has trained many graduate and doctorate students.

In the scientific field, he has done theoretical and experimental studies on the dielectric subject of theoretical condensed matter physics, Dielectric Resting and Mechanisms, Resting Mechanisms in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, and Energy Storage in Solar Pools related to solar energy. His work has been published in many national and international scientific journals and books. His publications on the dielectric and mathematical modeling of solar pools have been cited extensively, and his work has shed light on new research. To date, there are around 70 domestic and international publications in total. prof. Dr. Together with Yüksel Ufuktepe, he wrote a book called "Electro Magnetic Theory".
prof. Dr. In addition to his scientific studies, Süleyman Bozdemir wrote popular articles on many subjects such as physics education, philosophy and history of physics, basic concepts of physics, Kemalism. These articles are published by TÜBİTAK Bilim Teknik, Cumhuriyet Bilim Teknik, the electronic journal of Contemporary Physics published by the Turkish Physics Association, the journal Science and Utopia, the Turkish Physics Foundation-Physics Journal, the Niğde Hamle Newspaper, the Cumhuriyet newspaper, the Armed Forces journal, the General Staff Military History and Strategic Studies Presidency. It has been published in distinguished publications such as Atatürk Cultural Center Publications, Kemalist EĞİTİM newspaper, Adana Aykırı Art Magazine. He gave many public conferences on Kemalism, cultural and scientific issues.

prof. Dr. Süleyman Bozdemir is married and has two sons, one of whom is a Mechanical Engineer and the other an Electronics and Communications Engineer, and three grandchildren, two girls and a boy.


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