Is WhatsApp Chat History in Danger?

Are WhatsApp Chat History Endangered?
WhatsApp's New Privacy Controls

If the prospect of losing your huge archive of WhatsApp chat histories, files, and other data is keeping you from switching to iOS, you won't have to. Apple's current "Move to iOS" option will be included in the app today to help you migrate your stuff. To be clear, WhatsApp's feature is currently in beta, so you may experience difficulties while transferring.

You'll want to pay attention to the Apps and Data Migration page when setting up your iPhone to transfer your files. When you choose “Move data from Android”, your new iPhone searches for the Move to iOS app on your old device and establishes a peer-to-peer connection. Here you can choose which apps, files, contacts and other items to transfer to your iPhone and WhatsApp will be added to this list starting today.

When you select WhatsApp, it will open instantly and ask for permission to transfer your data. Depending on how much you have, it may take some time to pack all your content for transfer to your iPhone. Instead of having to go through the App Store, Apple pre-loads the WhatsApp symbol on your homepage so you can simply tap it to continue installing on your new iPhone.

When you first open WhatsApp on iOS, you'll need to verify the data before it's decrypted, but once that's done all your chats should be safely transported to their new home. You can also choose to back up your WhatsApp conversations to iCloud Drive after the migration is complete to make it easier to upgrade to new iPhones.

The Move to iOS action will also check your Android phone's apps to see if they're available on Apple's App Store. If available, the icons will be displayed on the home screen of your new iPhone and you can tap them to complete the download. This feature is available on Android 5 and above and iOS 15.5 and above.

Previously, customers migrating from Android to iOS had to abandon their conversation recordings (or find extremely complex ways to transfer their data). Although this procedure still has several stages, it does provide a built-in transfer path for people switching platforms. Unfortunately, anyone who switched before today will not be able to use this tool.

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