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On Google Cloud's vast infrastructure, developers achieve maximum flexibility in building and scaling applications. The company adds multi-cloud capabilities to the model that provides high-performance and easy-to-use financial flexibility.

Couchbase Inc., the leader in modern databases designed for enterprise applications. (NASDAQ: BASE) announced that Couchbase Capella will be available on Google Cloud with a database as a service (DBaaS) model. Customers can now use Capella more flexibly. Thus, while Capella's application matching develops, it will support both hybrid and multi-cloud strategies on a single platform with a price policy superior to its competitors.

“Developing and implementing database applications is increasingly important for companies in the digital transformation process,” says Ritika Suri, director of technology collaborations at Google Cloud. It offers a cost-effective way to accelerate application development.”

With a fully managed database as a service (DBaaS) model, Capella reduces database administration overhead, lowers costs, and provides both enterprise-application-scale performance and database flexibility for developers. The use of SQL as Capella's query language across developers and organizations significantly lowers the learning and usage curve.

Here are the benefits Couchbase Capella brings to customers:

● As easy as SQL. SQL users can develop without learning any other query language and by implementing it with a few clicks. A single admin panel simplifies multi-cluster, multi-region and multi-cloud operations.

● Agile development of use cases. Developers will achieve multi-model capabilities (document, key value, search text, analytics) and flexibility in data structure. Thus, they will be able to develop applications that will shoulder operational and transaction-based workloads on a single platform. Users can choose from 10 different software development kits (SDKs) with their preferred programming language.

● High performance and cost-effective wide usage area. With Couchbase Capella's unique real-time and memory-first architecture, highly interactive and personalized applications are responded to in milliseconds, offering a more affordable price as users scale.

● Multi cloud. With the Google Cloud expansion, customers will be able to easily install and run applications from cloud service providers with a few clicks.

Scott Anderson, senior vice president of product management and business operations at Couchbase, said, “With Capella available on Google Cloud, we provide flexible multi-model access and data structure capabilities where customers can develop with agility in use-cases far wider than a single vendor.” He adds: “Our customers consider Couchbase to make their modernization strategies a reality. We had a serious request from our customers regarding the use of Capella in Google Cloud. By expanding Couchbase Capella to Google Cloud, we are accelerating their growth and enabling them to innovate on a customer basis, while enabling flexibility at cloud service providers.”

Günceleme: 27/07/2022 13:11

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