UAV-SİHA and Drone Production from Aviation High School

IHA SIHA picture cover from Aviation High School
IHA SIHA picture cover from Aviation High School

In the workshops established within the Yesevi Aviation High School, students produce aircraft of various sizes and features.

High school students made an important step towards the production of SİHAs by adding autonomous flight capability and firing mechanism to the domestically produced UAVs. The school also started the production of a new generation of autonomous ejection seats designed for F16 aircraft.

Our young people produce UAV-SİHA-Dron even in high school

Today, UAVs (Unmanned aerial vehicles) play an important role in changing the course of wars, they can even be transformed into SİHAs (Armed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) by being equipped with various weapons and payloads. Turkish-made aircraft have received great praise in many wars and operations in recent years. In this context, while the number of our educational institutions in aviation has increased, studies have accelerated with large investments allocated for research and development.

IHA SIHA from Aviation High School
IHA SIHA from Aviation High School

Stating that they aim to equip them with advanced knowledge at an early age by bringing the most modern technologies in the aviation sector to our young people, Ali Kodalak, Chairman of the Private Yesevi Aviation High School gave information about his work. Kodalak said, “While we increase the share allocated from the budget for investments in information technologies and R&D studies, on the other hand, we carry out revision studies in two hangars and five workshops within the school with the cooperation and incentives of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of National Education, Tübitak and Teknofest. When the skills of our students in the aircraft technician department are combined with the latest technology machinery and equipment, 100% domestic UAV production activities continue decisively. Even at the age of 15-16, our young people can produce aircraft such as UAVs, SİHAs and drones. There is no limit to what Turkish youth can do when given the opportunity, we are proud of them.” Said.

They even built a prototype F-16 with an autonomous ejection seat.

Our educational institution, which won the first place in Teknofest Turkey with the Kodalak "Anti-hydroplaning (increasing the braking efficiency of aircraft on a wet runway) project," has now started patenting the "Auto Eject" (ejection seat with artificial intelligence that saves the fighter pilot in emergency situations), which is unique in the world. Our school's Tübitak team, which transformed its ideas into a 1:6 prototype on the RC F-16, is competing in the finals in the Free Duty category of the International UAV competition. Our school (Training Qualified Personnel for A1 Jet-Turbine Engine Airplanes and SHY-1 Authorized Exam Center), which has Teknofest Turkey first place in the field of smart transportation, and is recognized by Tübitak UAV studies, UAV-66 commercial pilot training, will be the address of those who want to do the coolest profession.” he concluded his speech.

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