Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association Established

Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association
Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association

Scientists and Industrialists Together took the initiative for the 4th Industrial Revolution. The Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association was established in Istanbul. The association aims to adapt to the 4th Industrial Revolution in Turkey and to become the leading non-governmental organization in the sector. The association, which includes internationally known scientists, aims to make Turkey a leader in the machinery industry.

The Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association was officially established by holding its first general assembly on June 18, 2022. In the general assembly, the board of directors and the supervisory board were elected. Founding President Prof. Dr. Established under the leadership of Erhan Budak, the vice president of the association is Prof. Dr., Member of the US Academy of Sciences. Yusuf Altintas. The association that officially started its activities; With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it aims to push the machinery industry in Turkey and raise it to the position of the world leader in the sector. In addition, the locomotive sector of the industrial revolution aims to be a pioneer in the country's economic prosperity by providing the development of the machinery industry.

“It is not easy for companies to keep up with the times with existing talents”

Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association Prof. Dr. Erhan Budak, in his speech at the general assembly, stated that the Fourth Industrial Revolution was defined as the “information age” and “digital revolution” and said: “It is not very easy for a company to be structured in a short time with its current capabilities and to keep up with this era. University-industry cooperation is required in order for the machinery industry in our country to reach the level where it can compete with the world and produce high technology and high value-added products. In this context, we came together to carry out various studies, to determine the priorities of the sector, and to make proposals to the relevant institutions and organizations. In addition, we aim to reach the target in a shorter time, either on our own or by merging with other companies.”

Areas of activity of the association

The fields of activity of the Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association are as follows; artificial intelligence applications, smart systems, augmented reality, digital twin, mobile applications and online status monitoring, cloud computing, IoT platforms, industrial internet, machine tools, process modeling, robots and humanoid robots, industrial cybersecurity, 3D layer printers, human machine systems, CNC.

Board of directors and supervisory boards of the association

The executive and supervisory boards of the Machinery Industry Digital Transformation Association consist of the following names:

Board of Directors: Chairman Prof. Dr. Erhan Budak (Maxima), vice president Prof. Dr. Yusuf Altıntaş (Mal Inc.), board member Prof. Dr. Onur Tunçer (Melina Aeoro), board member Dr. Uğur Şimşir (Usel Makine), board member Ali Fazıl Böyet (Akım Metal).

Supervisory board: Dr. Barış Doğan (BCD Teknik), Hüseyin Mail (Interjet), A. Emre Teksan (Teksan).

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