prof. Osman Atabek Died

Special Science Talks 10: Prof. Dr. Osman ATABEK talks about the Research Institutes in France Watch Uploaded by Turkish Physical Society TV, 17 Mar 2020

prof. Osman Atabek Died. We wish God's mercy on him and our condolences to his relatives. We share with you the article they wrote about the authorities of the institution they work for.

It is with great sadness that we learned of the sudden death of our Honorary Research Director, our colleague Osman Atabek.
By actively and passionately participating in ISMO's scientific life, and with the invaluable support of his team members and especially students, he remained true to himself until the last day.

Osman left Istanbul at the age of 18 to continue his higher education in France.
He graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Paris (now Chimie ParisTech), receiving his DEA in Theoretical Molecular Physics in 1971. He then continued his studies as part of the doctoral program he defended under Roland Lefebvre in 1976. Hired by the CNRS, an organization he has always been proud of, Osman spent his research career at the Molecular Photophysics Laboratory (LPPM) and then at ISMO.

What is ISMO?

ISMO is a joint research unit of CNRS and Université Paris-Sud / Paris-Saclay and is located on the campus of the Faculty of Science in Orsay, France. ISMO conducts theoretical and experimental research on systems consisting of atoms, plasmas, molecules, nanoobjects and molecular films, living cells and tissues. Experimental tools include a wide variety of light sources applied at ISMO, from nanosecond to femtosecond lasers, as well as external facilities that provide ultra-intense lasers, synchrotron light, X-ray free electron lasers or advanced coherent X-ray sources. ISMO sometimes leads the way in the development of unique instrumentation (spectrometers, time-position sensitive detectors, interferometers, super-resolved microscopes, …) and advanced techniques available to users with applications in astrophysics, environment, biology or biomedicine.

If we go back to the press release of the institution about our teacher;

Osman's contribution is very important; Theoretical activities encompassing many themes of molecular physics around the control of spectroscopies, resonance phenomena, and molecular quantum dynamics. His work led him to model a wide variety of physical processes: photo-absorption, photo-emission, Raman scattering, energy transfer, photo-ionization, photo-dissociation, harmonic generation, Coulomb explosion, etc. Collaboration closely with experimenters not only to interpret results, but also to formulate predictions and propose experiments that validate their work.

Osman Atabek's passion was to understand the physical mechanisms at work down to the smallest details.

However, in addition to his outstanding qualities as a researcher, Osman was also widely admired for his extraordinary human qualities and ability to make connections. He attended the lab's seminars very regularly with questions fed systematically. He showed incredible enthusiasm for any kind of research. He took an active part in the animations of the DİRAM team, to which he belonged, and with the support of the thesis students.

We will miss Osman!
For many of us lucky enough to meet him, he will forever serve as an inspiration and role model for a lifelong dedication to the study of science.

Eric Charron and Thomas PINO

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