WSOT, The World's Largest Crypto Trading Competition, Succeeds

bybit wsot
bybit wsot

The largest prize pool in the history of the WSOT (World Series of Trading) competition organized by Bybit, which can be described as the “World Cup” of crypto trading transactions, was presented to users this year. A record number of entries were made in the crypto trading competition. WSOT, The World's Largest Crypto Trading Competition, Managed to Break a Record Despite the Bear Market.

The world's largest crypto trading competition, WSOT, concluded in July, and investors got their share unlocking a record $8 million prize pool. After an exciting 20-day competition period, the top traders managed to make over 10.000% profits despite the tough market conditions.

Approximately 70.000 people participated in this year's competition. Participants showcased their trading skills in this World Cup-like crypto trading competition. This year's race has more than doubled the number of participants compared to 2021 and unlocked a 100% more prize pool than last year.

The prize pool was divided into three different categories. $6 million was offered in team racing and $1 million in each of the Solo Racing and Speed ​​Zone Award categories. In addition, Bybit has handed out more than 1.000 NFT awards, including very valuable CloneX and Mutant Ape Yacht Club NFTs.

The competition has once again managed to impress those interested in crypto. With WSOT, the resilience of emerging digital markets, even in times of uncertainty in the bear market, was demonstrated. Investors in more than 182 teams from 1.000 regions fought fiercely. Korean titans Maeuknam_Team was the biggest team with 3.241 members, followed by Sniper Squad with 2.565 members and Streamer_Satto with 2.232 members.

$400.000 worth of donations in BTC from Bybit to UNICEF

Bybit continues to partner with UNICEF to support the education of girls in East Asia and the Pacific and ensure their access to education on an equal basis with other children. With this contribution, a pilot program will be developed to provide STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) education for girls in a mountainous region in Vietnam where transportation is difficult.
Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, expressed his thoughts as follows: “I am quite fascinated by the success achieved at the WSOT event this year, considering both the number of attendees and the motivation of the community during the event. Thanks to this competition, the faith of crypto lovers from all over the world in the crypto market was revealed and a glimmer of hope was born in the bear market.”

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