Physicist Trolls Followers With Sausage Photo

James Webb Space Telescope Has Device Problems for the Second Time
James Webb Space Telescope Has Device Problems for the Second Time

The James Webb Space Telescope's fascinating photographs of distant galaxies capture the attention of people around the world. The photos of this most advanced space telescope have been shared thousands of times all over the world.

One of the subject photos was the focus of an unpleasant joke recently. On 31 July, the head of France's Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission Étienne Klein, which JWST claims to have shotpublished a picture of Proxima Centauri, the closest star to the sun known to science.

Physicist Trolls Followers With Sausage Photo

According to Klein, who has more than 91.000 followers on Twitter, the James Webb Space Telescope photographed it.

“So much detail… Every day a new universe emerges.” Thousands of people retweeted the post without comment because they thought it was worth it.

A few days later, Klein admitted that what he was actually posting was a picture of a slice of chorizo ​​on a pitch-dark background. “In light of some of the responses, I feel compelled to explain that this tweet allegedly showing a photo of Proxima Centauri is a joke,” Klein added.

Klein later issued an apology for the practical joke, telling French news outlet Le Point (via Vice) that he uploaded the picture to warn people of the dangers of fake news.

“Also, I think it wouldn't have been as effective if I hadn't stated that it was a James Webb photograph. After all was said and done, Klein revealed the latest picture of the Cartwheel galaxy taken by JWST. This time he assured his followers that the painting was real.

source: engadget

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