Distinguished Service Award to Naomi Ceder

Distinguished Service Award to Naomi Ceder
Distinguished Service Award to Naomi Ceder

PSF's Distinguished Service Award goes to longtime Python activist and organizer Naomi Ceder. Naomi supported the search for a new Executive Director last year and gave her keynote at the most recent PyCon USA in Salt Lake City. She served on the PSF Board from 2015-2020 and as Chairman from 2017-2020 she.

The Distinguished Service Award (DSA) by PSF is awarded to individuals who have consistently made outstanding contributions to the Python community. The PSF Board votes for each award and looks for those whose influence has significantly and positively impacted the Python community. The maxim “create the community you want to see” is illustrated in Naomi's work with the Python community.

He seems particularly fond of tackling the toughest challenges, starting new ventures, and figuring out how to turn an innovative concept into a routine activity that we can't do without.

After that commendation, Naomi said, “I appreciate and even more appreciate the support our community has given me over the years. I'm eager to engage with smaller communities as they expand and mature, and I'm excited to see the next generation of Python volunteers continue their efforts to make our community and PSF more diverse and inclusive.”

To make PyCon USA successful and inclusive, Naomi has held various leadership positions over the years. She oversaw the incubation Program and was instrumental in launching our Spanish language track, PyCon Charlas. She has also held several leadership positions in the past, including co-chair of Sprints, organizer of the PyCon Education Summit, and chair of poster sessions at PyCon USA.

He is also the co-founder of Trans*Code, an ongoing series of hackdays based primarily in the UK that aims to build community as well as technology education and skills for transgender and non-binary people.

Without his hard, often unnoticed work, PyCon US and the broader Python community would not have looked the way it does. His boundless enthusiasm and deep compassion are an immeasurable contribution to the Python community.

Want to learn more about former DSA winners or know how to nominate one? We got you.

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