Apple Watch 'Pro' Accessory Cases Redesigned

Apple Watch Pro Accessory Covers Redesigned cover
Apple Watch Pro Accessory Covers Redesigned cover

The Apple Watch Series 8, the second-generation Apple Watch SE, and the new Apple Watch “Pro” with enhanced endurance for extreme athletes are three new Apple Watch models believed to debut this year.

According to the information received by Bloomberg reporters, Apple Watch Pro is claimed to be released with an entirely new design that updates the form format that Apple introduced for the first time with Series 2018 in 4. According to the latest leaks from China for the new Pro model, we now have a better idea of ​​the harsh conditions.

Two photos, one posted on Weibo by Twitter leaker Sonny Dickson (above left) and another by UnclePan user (above right), both of which have previously provided accurate information, appear to show accessory covers for the upcoming Apple Watch Pro. .

The cases are indeed thought to be rounded, with the upper edge of the case facing the screen flat, and possibly providing better protection against all environmental impacts.

“The Pro is not a square in the traditional sense, but a new form factor,” UnclePan writes.

On the right are multiple cutouts that appear to be larger, more protruding Digital Crown and side buttons. On the left, where the device's thin speaker slats are usually located, there are two openings, one round and one pill-shaped, that appear larger than normal. It's unclear if these are there to make room for a new speaker design or extra physical buttons.

Various speculations speculated that Apple had developed a new design with straight edges comparable to the flat edges of the iPhone 7 and iPad Pro before the Apple Watch Series 13 arrived, but that didn't happen. The Apple Watch Pro may reportedly have a flat screen and a similar design, but the edges of the device will reportedly not be flat.

Users are said to be able to simultaneously review more fitness and health tracking data on the new Apple Watch Pro's significantly larger touchscreen. According to reporter Gurman, the Pro model will also feature new watch faces and a low-power option.

The diagonal measurement of the screen is said to be close to two inches, larger than the 7-inch diagonal screens of the current Apple Watch Series 8 and the next Apple Watch Series 1,9. supports longer training sessions and a more shatter-resistant display. Regular Apple Watch Series 8 devices are expected to have the same design as Apple Watch Series 7 models, without any changes to the case.

It is said that on Wednesday, Apple will hold a special event at the Steve Jobs Theater where the iPhone 14 series will be introduced. Apple is said to be launching new AirPods Pro earbuds in addition to new iPhones and Apple Watch models.

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