Turkish Scientist Sibel Üğdüler Wins an Award

Turkish Scientist Sibel Üğdüler Wins an Award
Turkish Scientist Sibel Üğdüler Wins an Award

Sibel Ügdüler, a chemist, is exploring strategies to recycle plastic packaging more effectively and economically. Awarded for recent research by Eos Pipet in partnership with Young Academy.

The blue bag does not recycle every plastic it collects. This accounts for less than a third of all plastic packaging in Europe. In addition, recycling often still requires recycling because so much plastic can only be used to make garbage bags. Sibel Üğdüler, a polymer chemist at Ghent University, is working to reduce the cost of recycling plastic.

Üğdüler has found a new method for separating the polymer layers of plastic packaging. It can completely recover each layer by using special solvent procedures to quickly dissolve the adhesive holding the layers together. He also discovered an effective technique for lightening plastic.
Üğdüler is currently working with colleagues, plastic manufacturers and food manufacturers on a pilot plant for delamination and deinking. The goal is to show businesses how the methods he designed work on a larger scale.
The Young Academy and science journal Eos reward the most promising young researcher available with this award. Üğdüler was declared the winner by the expert jury chaired by Steven Laureys. Neurologist Çağatay Aydın received the Audience Award (KU Leuven).

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