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Cihan Bugdayci
Cihan Bugdayci

The winners of 27 TOYP Turkey, which was held for the 2021th time last year, represent our country worldwide in the TOYP Global program this year. In the TOYP World Finals, 3 of our Turkish youth achieved great success by making it to the last 20.

Candidates and category names in the 2022 TOYP Global world final;

  • Cihan Buğdaycı-Service to Humanity and Voluntary Organizations Category
  • Kerem Deveci -Science and Technical Development Category
  • Fırat Güder Scientific Leadership Category

Who is Cihan Buğdaycı?

Cihan Buğdaycı has always been passionate about empowering young people, giving them a chance, bringing people together in an environment of trust, and raising minds and hearts for lasting peace and prosperity. It shows its commitment with the projects it undertakes, especially with the projects that help underprivileged children to receive a quality education.

Its purpose is to use education to help individuals achieve higher levels of pleasure and well-being.
Cihan is a psychology graduate. By combining psychology with education and entrepreneurship, it creates sustainable education models that are beneficial to humanity.

Who is Kerem Deveci?

ENLIL project was developed and created by Kerem. He is a civil engineer who can create new products as a result of his interdisciplinary education. Because Kerem is also interested in history, he named his project ENLIL in honor of the Sumerian Earth Lightning God. It wants to use the resources of the past to develop the cities of the future.

In addition to creating technology for today, Kerem aims to use his own technology to influence the future. While prioritizing environmental issues and moral principles above all else, it also aims to build a supportive system that young people can emulate.

Kerem developed his project by realizing his desire to create technology that he had heard since childhood. Although the business concept was new, it was insufficient. Thanks to Kerem's innovative method to make wind turbine blades 10 times faster and cheaper than existing technologies, the world's first mass-produced wind turbine blades were produced.

Kerem, who received numerous awards on a global scale and was included in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe 2020 list many times in the field of Manufacturing & Industry, entered many important science and business lists. According to Kerem, using renewable energy is a duty, not a luxury.

Kerem started to revolutionize the market with a wind turbine that everyone could obtain quickly and economically.

Who is Fırat Güder?

Scientist, developer and educator Fırat Güder has an unlimited imagination, a burning enthusiasm and a burning determination to solve complex world problems. It's mission is to guide new scientists and produce solutions that address issues related to the environment, food systems, and human and animal health.

Prior to taking up a professorship at Imperial College London's Department of Bioengineering, Fırat studied computer and microsystems engineering and collaborated with some of the most prominent researchers and inventors of our time at institutions such as the University of Freiburg and Harvard University.

In addition to his academic pursuits, Fırat Güder is passionate about turning his research into action to accelerate the delivery of social impact. He has built many award-winning companies and works closely with business partners to do so. Fırat has given more than 60 scientific seminars around the world, including plenary and keynote speeches, and is frequently invited to speak at international meetings and conferences as a leading expert and thought leader. Fırat was named “Rising Star in Sensing” by ACS Sensors.

Fırat Güder also received the Imperial College President's Award for Excellence in Research, the Imperial College President's Award in Innovation and Enpreneurship, the University of New Brunswick Young Alumni Achievement Award, the Tom West Analytical Fellowship and the German Research Foundation International Fellowship. Fırat has also provided more than $15 million for new research and education initiatives to create change and empower the next generation.

Top 20 2022 TOYP Voting

Ten excellent young people under the age of 40 are recognized annually by the JCI World's Top Ten Young People (JCI TOYP) program.

We Share You Voting Link.

These people are outstanding examples of entrepreneurial spirit and moral leadership and embody the JCI Mission. Through their involvement in business, scientific activities or social influences, these resourceful young leaders turn obstacles into opportunities locally and internationally. The top ten TOYP candidates will be recognized at the JCI World Congress in 2022.

The top twenty contenders for the 2022 JCI TOYP will be downgraded to the final 10 honorees through a public online voting, in addition to a final judging panel that will consist of JCI stakeholders, representatives of select partner organizations, and the JCI President. Online voting is currently available and will be valid until 19:23 on September 59th. GMT. The winners will be displayed here after the results are announced! Keep an eye on our social media or the JCI Virtual Community as we will post an announcement there when the results are in.

Sevinç Yazılıtaş, Director of TOYP Turkey 2021-2022” We carried out the 2021 Candidate process meticulously, and this year it was a great source of pride for us that 3 candidates from our country were left to vote, which is the final stage. During the voting, as a country, we will support our Turkey winners for the World Championship.” said.

Architects of very important projects in Turkey are among the 18 people who were awarded the title of TOYP World Champion.

The World Winners selected from Turkey in the last 10 years are as follows;

  • Dr. Gözde Durmuş – “Medical Innovation and Inventions” (2019)
  • Duygu Yılmaz – “Business, Economy and/or Entrepreneurship” (2019)
  • Dr. Burçin Mutlu Pakdil – “Scientific Leadership” (2018)
  • Dr. Engin Durgun – “Academic Leadership” (2017)
  • Ahmet Kuzubaşlı – “Business World, Economy and/or Entrepreneurship” (2017)
  • Dr. Mehmet Z. Baykara – “Science and Technical Development” (2016)
  • Dr. Canan Dağdeviren – “Medical Innovation and Inventions” (2016)
  • Bulut Ersavaş – “Business World, Economy and Entrepreneurship” (2014)
  • Tülin Akın – “Business World Economy and/or Entrepreneurship” (2013)
  • Hasibe Kızıltaş – “Service to Humanity and Voluntary Organizations” (2013)
  • Şafak Pavey – “Contribution to Human Rights, Children and World Peace” (2011)

Details regarding the voting can be followed on TOYP Turkey's official website, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

Source: Hibya and JCL

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