eSIM Application from Türk Telekom

eSIM Application from Turk Telekom
eSIM Application from Turk Telekom

Türk Telekom produces eSIM with XNUMX% domestic technology, which can be easily used in a wide range of areas from smart phones to wearable technologies, from the automotive industry to many other products connected to the internet. With the eSIM technology, which is integrated with Türk Telekom infrastructure and servers installed in Turkey, an operator profile can be created without any physical intervention.

XNUMX% local technology

Türk Telekom offers the groundbreaking eSIM technology in the mobile world to all newly released smartphones that support this innovation. Türk Telekom customers can benefit from the eSIM service, which is produced with XNUMX% domestic technology, without changing their numbers and without paying an additional fee.

Türk Telekom, Turkey's leading information and communication technologies company, continues its efforts to develop new generation technologies without slowing down. Türk Telekom offers eSIM technology, which can be used by individual and corporate users, in all newly released smart phones that support this innovation.

An eco-friendly digital experience

The eSIM technology, which is produced completely domestically and nationally, in accordance with the board decisions of the Information Technologies and Communications Authority regarding the installation of systems supporting SIM technologies and their use in devices, offers users a digital experience. eSIM, which does not carry the risk of loss or theft due to its digital structure and eliminates the need for card replacement as there is no need for a physical SIM card, is also environmentally friendly.

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