Striking Ghost Remains of a Great Star

Stunning Ghost Remains of a Massive Star

The striking ghostly remains of a massive star are shown in a new photo. The VLT Survey Telescope Vela, located at the Paranal observatory of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) in Chile, where scenes from the James Bond movie Quantum Of Solace were filmed. [more…]

Diets Don't Reduce Dementia Risk

Diets Don't Reduce Dementia Risk

A good diet has been associated with a reduced incidence of dementia in a number of studies, but a new study has found no association between the two diets, including the Mediterranean diet. Research, American [more…]

Ozon layer
Environment and Climate

Ozone Hole Keeps Shrinking

Between September 7, 2022 and October 13, 2022, the annual ozone hole in Antarctica averaged just under 9 million square miles (23,2 million square kilometers). In general, the ozone layer [more…]

Bad News from Tuberculosis Disease

Bad News from Tuberculosis Disease

One of the world's worst diseases is on the rise once again. In a new report released this week by the World Health Organization, there is an increase in tuberculosis and drug-resistant tuberculosis cases worldwide in 2021. [more…]

togg c sedan and cx coupe models
Actual News

Togg C-Sedan and Togg CX Coupe Models Shared

Turkey's global technology brand Togg, serving in the field of mobility, shared for the first time the images of the C-Sedan and CX Coupé models, which will enter the production line after the C SUV, at the Togg Technology Campus opening on October 29. [more…]

Green Themed Greeny Game Jam Event
Environment and Climate

Green Themed “Greeny Game Jam” Event

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality (ABB) organized the "Greeny Game Jam" game competition within the scope of its support to the informatics sector and young informatics. Ankara Inovatif AŞ, one of the partners of ABB, and the IT Department; METU GATES, Gazi [more…]

Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis

Diagnosis with Artificial Intelligence from EMU

Artificial intelligence algorithms developed by Near East University can make a diagnosis in a short time by analyzing Covid-19 PCR tests. The system, which was determined to work with 100 percent accuracy by experienced molecular microbiology experts, PCR results; positive, [more…]


Faces of Juliopolis Exhibition to be Exhibited in Izmir

The Faces of Juliopolis Exhibition, which attracts great attention in Ankara and its districts, is now meeting with the people of Izmir for the first time outside of the land where it was born, with the support of Ege University Faculty of Letters Archeology Department. by the Juliopolis Project [more…]

Journey from Rings of Trees to Radiation Storms

Journey from Tree Rings to Radiation Storms

The history of mysterious "radiation storms" on Earth is revealed by radioactive remains in tree rings. I had the opportunity to use some of the best telescopes in the world while searching for planets and analyzing their stars. Our team to explore the universe [more…]

Gin America Tenology War

China America Technology War

Semiconductors are small, common, and undervalued. The brains of every modern device are based on them. When Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August, it made headlines all over the world, and it made headlines between the US and China. [more…]

NASA's Artemis Program

Artemis 1 Launch Attempt Mid-November

Although agency officials warned that launch opportunities could be limited if the next launch attempt of the Space Launch System rocket on the Artemis 1 mission slips later in the month due to the Thanksgiving holiday, the launch attempt will continue. [more…]

Might Be Marsine Magma

Mars May Have Magma

In the depths of Mars, rumblings have been detected that raise the probability of volcanic activity from “possible” to “probable”. Researchers have found that molten magma is still present under the crust of Mars, suggesting that the Martian surface is still formed by volcanism. [more…]

cellphone cyber tech socialmedia istock e

The Next Frontier of Disinformation

Disinformation is circulating in various media and in different languages ​​this election season as well. Democrat members of Congress are pushing social media giants like Twitter and Facebook to take stronger action against election misinformation. [more…]

Clips of Yeezy Collection Burned

Clips Where Yeezy Collection Was Burned

The rapper's former fans are criticizing him for his antisemitic comments, as videos of a man burning his Yeezy collection go viral. A Florida man publicly destroys his Yeezy sneaker collection in response to Kanye West's antisemitic comments. [more…]

ORNL Compound States

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

2018 marked the institution's three-quarter-century anniversary as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Visitors to physicist Enrico Fermi, along with other scientists and technicians, in sparse, hastily constructed, and secrecy-shrouded conditions. [more…]