Technology and the Quantum Leap in the 21st Century

Century Technology and Quantum Sicrama
Century Technology and Quantum Sicrama

As read in the first articleQuantum Leaps have occurred after each new technological development, and these Quantum Leaps have left various havoc on humans and other living things living in nature. According to internet news; In the United States (USA), the transition to 5G technology was delayed for 2 weeks (as of January 2, 2022), one of the largest phone companies in the USA, ATT and Verizon, announced that they postponed the transition to 5G technology for 2 weeks at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). . Warning about BOEING AND AIRBUS 5G Technology [13]. In fact, there is concern about the new Quantum Leap that will unfold in every environment. The CEOs of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer Boeing and Airbus sent a co-signed letter to the US Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg on December 21, 2021, warning that this could cause great harm to the aviation industry. In the letter, while it was discussed that 5G technology would negatively affect the safe flight capability of aircraft, a call was made to “postpone the transition to 5G technology” [14]. Figure 1 shows the transition from 1G to 5G Technology.

Technology and Quantum Scramble in the Century
Century Technology and Quantum Sicrama – Figure 1. Transition from 1G to 5G Technology. (

Figure 1. Transition from 1G to 5G Technology. (

5G networks, also known as 4G New Radio (NR), can realize the Enhanced Mobile Network – Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB) service class that facilitates the transmission of 8K/5K videos between the healthcare professional and the patient, regardless of the access location, which is considered one of the expected benefits of 5G. The new radio access technology developed for broadband URLLC will be supported. It is expected in the Medical World that with the URLLC class of service it will help to meet the ultra-low latency requirements of telesurgery applications. The expectation was that a Local 5G Operator (L5GO) would deploy the core and access network locally within the facility, and the healthcare facility could be served with multiple base stations deployed both outdoors and indoors to provide connectivity for many case-specific needs. Thus, the expectation was that it would be useful in a telesurgery use case to achieve ultra-low latency, given the requirement for the surgeon and patient to be in separate rooms due to the pandemic situation. It is also thought that MEC servers placed in 5G base stations can be used to distribute control functions of UAVs for appropriate medical payload deliveries. Although the basic design changes in 5G networks will enable a large number of devices to communicate and less data will be transferred compared to human activities, it will also be among the expected results, but the Quantum Leap that will be revealed is ignored.
It is known that the number of satellites sent to Earth Orbit by mankind from the 1950s to the present has reached 2021 thousand 11 as of September 690 [15]. 5G Technology will start a new digital era on the world by using thousands of satellites. New technology and 5G revealed by the use of thousands of satellites. With the Starlink project, it is expected that the number of active satellites and the number of known satellites in Earth orbit will increase to 12 thousand satellites with the participation of 30 thousand satellites in the first stage and 42 satellites in the following stage, with the participation of a total of 54 thousand satellites in orbit. A global internet network is needed to transform the World we live in into a Digital World. With this project setup, the first steps of the Cyber ​​World are taken. The implementation of 5G technology is required for the Starlink Project to be used. With the 2019G Fair, which was unveiled in Wuhan, China in October 5, the Starlink Project was started and the countdown was started for the start of the Quantum Leap. Wuhan province is known as the region with the highest number of base stations for 5G technology [16].

Speaking at the Health and Human Rights Summit in Tucson, Arizona on March 12, 2020, Dr. Thomas Cowan made a potential link between 5G and COVID-19, telling the audience: Overall, many of the areas most affected by COVID-19 are close. At the same time, they started using 5G, which, in theory at least, could lower people's immune functions, making them more prone to serious infections. Dr. Cowan also theorized that COVID-19 and other flu epidemics are not transmitted from person to person, but rather the result of cellular toxicity (Toxicity is the degree to which a substance harms the organism) caused by the “Electro Magnetic Field” (which will be given as EMF in the following sections) [17] ]. 5G is an important parameter for Quantum Leap, and the other important parameter that accompanies it is the intensity of the EMF. To put it bluntly, it is not said that 5G spreads the infection or is an infection vector. By making the 5G Quantum Leap, we could say that by reducing human beings' natural immune defenses and causing chronic inflammation, it may be disrupting your innate immune system's ability to fight the coronavirus. Naturally, this increased susceptibility to disease will apply to all diseases, both acute and chronic, and will not be limited to COVID-19. Exaggerated EMF exposure may be a hidden variable that may contribute to the reason why many people get sick in certain areas. Exposure to intense EMF is the factor that breaks the immune system.
Although Wuhan is seen as one of the main test areas of 5G, where 5G was implemented for the first time in China, there is another interesting information about Italy, Milan. Milan; Two-thirds of the cases revealed in the Lombardi region of Italy are in this area. This region is considered the 5G capital of the European Union according to the major 5G provider Vodafone [18]. If you go to Vodafone's website, you can see the 5G map and there you can see the situation in Milan and Lombardi [19]

Milan has 5G, and Wuhan has 5G, and New York City is known as one of the highest, busiest 5G areas. New York is basically a region with as much EMF as 5G before 70G was implemented. It is known that it is planned to establish ten thousand base stations in order to equip the state of Dallas, where there are 5 base stations in the United States, with 100G. Seattle is a very hilly area and is known to have two large radio towers with almost XNUMX antennas on the field causing Quantum Leaps as EMFs throughout the city.

I assume you are asking this as a question. Will EMF be the cause of everything? I don't say this throughout the article, but we do know that EMF definitely weakens our immune systems. We also know how electrically our body is involved [20]. Our heart communicates with the brain via an electromagnetic pulse, which has been proven by HeartMath studies [21], [22], [23].

The relationship between Quantum Leaps that have emerged after every technological development and the number of base stations used for 5G technology in Wuhan and Quantum Leap has been expressed with theoretical information. As a result; Health sectors of countries, education, transportation, trade etc. It has faced numerous challenges due to the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Countries must now seek solutions to strive to have control mechanisms to minimize the spread of COVID19, and must seek to redevelop solutions so that people can continue their normal lifestyles. To prevent the “re-emergence” of the pandemic and prevent new Quantum Leaps, each country's healthcare sector must be equipped with new solutions to effectively address emerging challenges. A wide range of application challenges, such as privacy/security, scalability, and societal issues, must be addressed before deploying such applications with full functionality. To achieve these goals and reduce the impact of Quantum Leap, it is necessary to use 5G technology very carefully. Although efforts have been made to find a solution, it has been concluded that the number of virions (a single virus particle that contains all the structures of a virus is called a virion) varies between 1 billion and 10 billion per person. It has also been determined that the weight of all particles of the disease-spreading virus ranges from 100 grams to 10 kilograms [24].
Of course, new technologies make life easier for human beings, but it should never be forgotten that there are also Quantum Leaps that appear after each new technology. Our article is a research product and is open to corrections and innovations on the subject.
Dear reader, stay tuned.
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