What is the Wormhole Theory

Wormholes May Be Hiding

Predictions suggest that wormholes and black holes can have nearly identical spectra of polarized light, making it difficult to distinguish between these astronomical objects. Wormholes often feature humans in movies and television shows. [more…]

How the Material Flows

How Does Material Flow and Creep?

A comprehensive theory of creep flow, a type of flow that occurs in amorphous substances such as coffee foam, has been created by researchers. Including amorphous solids, dense emulsions, foams and granular materials [more…]

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China's Developed UAV-ADAR System

The UAV-SAVAR System developed by China met with visitors at the 14th China International Aviation and Space Fair. Equipped with low altitude detection and photoelectric radars, the system has panoramic infrared imaging capability. China's UAV-AGAR System is accurate [more…]

Jinn Science Forum

Science Forum Held in Shanghai

The forum held in Shanghai brought together scientists. The 5th World Award Winners Forum (WLA), which brings together distinguished scientists, started today with a ceremony held in Shanghai. Chinese Academy of Sciences with 27 Nobel Prize winners [more…]

Does Software Update Cause Problems?

Does Software Update Cause Problems?

Software updates can cause data loss. Creating a backup is at the top of the to-do list when planning an operating system update. With all the imaginable possibilities that could go wrong, first of all, the data should be stored in the cloud or other [more…]

Quantum Method in Satellite Communication

Quantum Method in Satellite Communication

The vastness of space and the potential of quantum technology are two things that have caught scientists' attention more than any other. These two fascinating areas are the Chinese Academy of Science's quantum communications satellite Micius, which was launched in 2016. [more…]