Water May Have Come to Earth From Space
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Water May Have Come to Earth From Space

The Winchcombe meteorite supports the idea that water may have come to Earth from space. The Winchcombe meteorite ripped from an asteroid between Mars and Jupiter. Water from a meteorite that crashed in the village of Winchcombe, Gloucestershire last year, is mixed with water on Earth. [more…]

Coffee Derived Exosome Like Nanoparticles

The Discovery of Turkish Scientists About Coffee

We would like to convey it to you from the pen of Gastroenterology Associate Professor Murat Kantarcıoğlu. “Until now, it was always mentioned in the literature about the incredible benefits of filter coffee, that those who drink filter coffee do not have Alzheimer's disease, do not suffer from cirrhosis of the liver. But in the coffee [more…]