The Genie's Moon Mastery Studies Are Progressing

China's Lunar Base Work Progress

With a series of missions leading to a permanent moon base, China has set the roadmap for robotic and crewed lunar and deep space exploration. The three future robotic missions are relay satellites, landers and [more…]

Two Ways in Magnetic Gradiometer

Two Ways in Magnetic Gradiometer

Atomic magnetometers can filter out background fields to detect weak, nearby radio frequency sources using two new geometries. Researchers use modern cryogenics, the first magnetic compasses made of natural magnetite, to measure magnetic fields. [more…]

The power of Ultimo's Lyrics
Guest Post

The power of Ufo361 Lyrics

It's no secret that music can be powerful. The right song can lift our spirits, give us strength, and even change our outlook on life. What about the words themselves? Lyrics can really have that much impact [more…]