What is a quantometer and what does it do?

What is a Quantometer and What It Is
What is a Quantometer and What It Is

Quantometer meters are types of meters that act on the same working principle as turbine meters. The most obvious difference between the two devices is that, unlike turbine meters, quantometer meters are used for internal observation purposes. Quantometers also work with the turbine system; While the natural gas flowing along the line passes through the meter, they transmit the movement created by rotating the turbine wheels to the indicators with the help of the rotor.

The flanged body of the quantometers is made of spheroidal graphite iron, cast steel or welded steel, depending on the pressure ratio. Q Cantometers are available in various diameters and pressure ratings. Aluminum is widely used in the body production of this type of meters. These devices, which are also very easy to install, are generally offered for sale with flanged, sandwich and threaded connection models.

The purchasing and maintenance costs of quantometers are very affordable and they allow you to achieve the most accurate results economically. The self-lubricating bearings in it reduce the maintenance costs of the devices considerably. In this way, quantometers are the most widely used devices in secondary measurements for the tracking of operating expenses.

The quantometer complies with the highest industrial standards for quality. Self-lubrication of the quantometer, depending on the size of the meter and the application conditions
feature, maintenance-free bearings or lubrication is made with pressurized oil (oil pump). Additional equipment such as volume correction tools or external pulsers may be added to the quantometer.
devices can be installed.

Quantometers are one way ahead of other meter types. These devices, which have a very simple system, can be adapted to many auxiliary devices that will increase the measurement quality. External pulse sensors, volume regulating correctors and data loggers can be easily integrated into these meter types. In this way, the effect of factors affecting the measurement such as operating temperature and pressure can be minimized. To businesses in commercial and industrial use; detection of losses, calculation of production costs, etc. offers a significant advantage. Unlike turbine meter type meters, these devices are not used in the billing phase of natural gas.

Quantometer products are flow meters for gaseous media that show the actual volume. The measurement is made with the help of a turbine wheel, the revolutions of which are directly proportional to the actual volume passing through the meter (or the volume under real operating conditions). The revolutions of the turbine wheel are reduced by a gear. The volume is then displayed on the 8-digit mechanical cylinder counter.
Q series quantometers are well known in industry and commerce as a robust and precise turbine meter.

With the many advantages they offer to businesses, quantometers contribute to profit maximization by keeping production inputs under control. In particular, they are the biggest helper of enterprises that consume high amounts of natural gas in terms of measurability. Increasing energy costs around the world increase the importance of these meters.

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