ARM CPU Designs Are Changing After 2025

ARM CPU Designs Are Changing After
ARM CPU Designs Are Changing After

British Arm decided to change its business strategy due to a legal dispute with Qualcomm. End device manufacturers such as smartphones and tablets now have to pay license fees. In addition, ARM will prohibit the use of third-party GPUs, NPUs and ISPs in chips containing ARM processors if these components are already available.

ARM sued Qualcomm after acquiring server processor maker Nuvia. The British company believes that Nuvia has created semiconductor designs using the ARM license and that these cannot be transferred to Qualcomm without permission, and all previous agreements should be voided after this sale.

In addition, ARM has decided to tighten its standards for chip manufacturers such as Qualcomm. Third-party components cannot be used in single-chip devices using ARM CPUs if ARM sells equivalents as a licensed product. Graphics and network processors will be affected as well as display processors. Alliances between Samsung and AMD and MediaTek and Imagination will be impacted by this breakthrough.

However, the new regulations will not apply to everyone. Apple has been at the forefront of ARM development, and Nvidia has a 20-year license to build components using the ARM architecture. Also, the developments will have no impact on ARM's partnership with Broadcom.

In May, Qualcomm officially announced its intention to invest in ARM and support the formation of a group that will protect the British chipmaker's independence. After the IPO, SoftBank, which owns ARM, plans to retain a controlling stake in the production. The public offering will take place within the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023.

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