Eaton Attends Future Industries Symposium and Exhibition

Eaton Future Industries Symposium and Exhibition
Eaton Future Industries Symposium and Exhibition

Power management company Eaton took part in the Future Industries Symposium and Exhibition held in Izmir on 10-11 November. 

In the symposium, which was attended by many brands, topics such as smart production and digital transformation in the industry, industrial IoT solutions and digitalization in the industry sector, which are closely related to Industry 4.0, took place.

At the forefront of the topics Eaton presented at the symposium was the Industry 4.0 compatible xEnergy Intelligent Low Voltage Switchgear Systems that provide the highest level of protection to the facilities. In the seminars held by the company's expert engineers, he explained to the visitors the systems and solutions that increase the electrical safety in Low Voltage Panel Systems feeding the industrial facilities in accordance with international standards.

Guests attending the seminars learned in detail about Arcon protection, which provides arc protection in the Low Voltage Panel System, Diagnose diagnostic system, which provides predictive maintenance, and Smartwire-DT, the lean cabling system that transfers data in the facilities to monitor and analyze the healthy operation of the system.

Eaton Elektrik Country Manager Yılmaz Özcan said that they are very pleased to be a participant in the symposium. The brands participating in the symposium, which focused on the radical changes, technological developments, advanced automation of industrial processes and investments in smart factories that are necessary to exist in the future of the industry, stated that they are determined to shape the future of the industry and added: “Our mission is to keep up with the rapidly changing, transforming and digitalizing age. we have acquired. We are very happy to talk about our innovative products to users in the industrial sector and future engineers at this event and to see their intense interest. “We advise users to maximize digitalisation, service and protection in their facilities with Eaton's iMCC smart panel systems.”

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