Odor Simulation in Virtual Reality

Odor Simulation in Virtual Reality
Odor Simulation in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality in China was thought to be very important in the coming years. It's a technique that has been around for a while but is still in development today, so much so that the Asian giant has included it in one of its major national plans for scent simulation.

According to a report on The Computer Baker's website, the eastern giant has publicly unveiled the aforementioned strategy to promote new developments in the virtual reality business.

One of the goals is to have 2025 million VR devices per year on the market by 25. In addition, they want the development of 20 cases where virtual reality can be applied, 10 parks dedicated to studying the applications of the technology, and 100 examples of applications integrated into virtual reality.

The development of technologies that can make virtual reality more immersive is also encouraged by the Chinese government.

According to the research, China could explore ways to track our eyes, capture body movements and facial emotions, and analyze the gestures we make, as well as copy touch and smells.

The ability to stream 5G content with faster connectivity between the VR headset and devices is another innovation that China can take advantage of.

Regarding odor simulation, China has assured that it will spend resources to develop it and that VR devices with apps dedicated to tourism or safety drills will allow the user to record various scents.

China also has a virtual reality agenda that it hopes to implement in the next five years and finish by 2026.

These targets include other targets such as small 4K displays and VR glasses with 60K displays with a 8Hz refresh rate.

Source: newsrebeat



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