Konigsberg Bridges and Topology

What are Königsberg Bridges and Topology?

The properties of a geometric body, such as stretching, torsion, wrinkling and bending, that are preserved under continuous deformations, that is, without closing a hole, opening a hole, tearing, sticking or passing through itself, are the subject of topology in mathematics. greek he, [more…]

A Galaxy Measurement

Measuring and Exploring a Galaxy

This image from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope shows galaxy NGC 7038 slowly swirling over its spiral arms. In the southern constellation Indus, about 220 million light-years from Earth, is NGC 7038. This image is a spiral [more…]

ITER Project France

ITER Project France

The ITER Project is currently under construction on an area of ​​180 hectares in Southern France. ITER Tokamak and plant systems are located in 39 building and technical sections. The Tokamak Building, the center of the complex, is above platform level. [more…]

Speech Diagnosis in ALS and FTD

Diagnosing ALS and FTD with Speech

Future research may allow the earliest diagnosis of severe neurodegenerative diseases using speech tests. Digital biomarkers or criteria that artificial intelligence can use to determine whether a patient's speech pattern has changed as a result of a disease, [more…]

Scientists Point to Before the Big Bang

Scientists Point Before The Big Bang

According to a global team of scholars, our knowledge of the beginning of the universe may need some updating. As explained in a new study just published in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, the universe will have a "Big Leap" instead of a Big Bang. [more…]

What is Notron Activation Decay

What is Neutron Activation (Decay)?

When atomic nuclei capture free neutrons, they become heavier and they enter excited states, the process by which neutron radiation causes radioactivity in materials. Besides gamma rays, beta particles, alpha particles, fission products and neutrons [more…]

Adam Noble Becomes World Champion

Adem Asil Became World Champion

Our gymnast, who competed in the ring apparatus at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championship, achieved 14.933 points. Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoğlu, Minister of Youth and Sports, won the gold medal in the ring apparatus at the 51st Artistic Gymnastics World Championship. [more…]

Immune Gene Deficiency Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease

Immune Gene Deficiency Accelerates Alzheimer's Disease

Researchers at the Indiana University School of Medicine are investigating how an immune cell gene deficiency may affect Alzheimer's disease. Elimination of the microglial gene CX3CR1 in animal models of Alzheimer's disease, according to research published in the journal Molecular Neurodegeneration, [more…]

Carbon Nanotubes Are Everywhere

Carbon Nanotubes Are Everywhere

Everything from batteries and water purifiers to auto parts and sporting goods could undergo a revolution thanks to carbon nanotubes. Vertically aligned single-walled carbon nanotube fabrication, Department of Energy (SWCNT) [more…]

Who Was Homo Antecessor

Who Was Homo Antecessor?

An early human species known as Homo antecessor or Latin "pioneer man" lived between 1.2 and 0.8 million years ago in the Early Pleistocene and was discovered at the prolific archaeological site of the Sierra de Atapuerca in Spain. [more…]

Last Blood Lunar Eclipse of the Year

Last Bloody Lunar Eclipse of 2022

Your last chance to see a total lunar eclipse for a while is about to arrive. According to NASA, the last such eclipse will occur in North America in the early morning hours of November 8, and the other will occur in March 2025. [more…]