Video Games Potentially Cause Heart Health Issues

Video Games Potentially Cause Heart Health Problems
Video Games Potentially Cause Heart Health Problems

According to the researchers, this is rare but different among children who faint while playing video games. A recent study by Heart Rhythm found that playing electronic games can cause cardiac arrhythmias in sensitive children whose predisposition may not have been noticed in the past. Researchers have identified a rare but distinct trend in children who faint while playing video (electronic) games.

According to lead investigator Claire M. Lawley, MBBS, Ph.D. of the Children's Heart Center for Children's Hospitals Network, Sydney, Australia, “video games can pose a serious risk for some children with arrhythmic conditions; It can be fatal in patients who are predisposed but often have previously unrecognized arrhythmic conditions.” Children who suddenly faint while playing video games should be evaluated by a heart specialist, as this can be the first sign of a serious heart condition.

Researchers extensively reviewed the literature and launched a global multi-site outreach campaign to find examples of children experiencing rapid blackouts while playing video games. In the 22 cases they identified, multiplayer war games were the most common trigger. Several of the children died due to cardiac arrest. Children's safety is still at risk due to other diagnoses of heart rhythm problems. Catecholaminergic polymorphic ventricular tachycardia (CPVT) and congenital long QT syndrome (LQTS) types 1 and 2 were the most common underlying causes.

There was a significant impact on the patients' families, possibly due to the high prevalence (63%) of related genetic variants among the patients. In other cases, examination of a teenager who fainted while playing a video game led to the finding that more than one family member had a significant inherited heart rhythm disorder.

Dr. According to Lawley, children with a disease that puts them at risk for dangerously fast heart rhythms should take special care when playing electronic games.

According to the researchers, the pathophysiological cause of this phenomenon is adrenergic activation associated with the emotionally charged environment of computer games. Contrary to popular belief, playing video games is not a "safe alternative" to competitive sports. Most patients were in an exuberant mood when cardiac attacks occurred, had just won or lost games, or were arguing with friends.

"We were shocked to discover that some patients have experienced life-threatening fainting during video games," said lead researcher Christian Turner, MBBS of the Sydney Children's Hospitals Network, Heart Center for Children, Sydney, Australia. “We already know that some children have heart conditions that can put them at risk when playing competitive sports.” I believed that playing video games would be a different kind of "safe entertainment". This discovery is really important. Everyone needs to be made aware of how important it is to be controlled when someone has a fainting spell.

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