US Space Forces Allocated $2023 Billion in 26,3

TE Billion Dollars Allocated to the US Space Forces
TE Billion Dollars Allocated to the U.S. Space Force - Air Force Band members perform the new U.S. Space Force theme song during the 2022 Air, Space and Cyber ​​Conference at National Harbor.

The U.S. Space Force received $1.7 billion more in government appropriations than the Pentagon requested. The United States Space Force will use part of the massive federal budget package to increase the number of satellites and expand its recently acquired Space Development Agency (SDA).

How Much is the US Space Force Budget?

The $1.7 trillion government funding plan was passed by the Senate on Thursday, and the House of Representatives did likewise on Friday, bringing the measure to the President's table. According to CNBC, $858 billion will be set aside to finance the military. The US Space Force will receive $2022 billion of the $69.3 billion additional budget received by the Department of Defense compared to 26.3.

According to estimates by consulting firm Velos, published by SpaceNews, this figure is about $1.7 billion more than the Pentagon has requested for the military unit.

It's also much higher than what Space Forces has in 2022. The Space Force received $18.05 billion from Congress last year, and the SDA $1.5 billion.

The Space Force is expanding as the sixth branch of the American armed forces. The government is trying to rely more on commercial partnerships to develop satellite constellations in low Earth orbit, and the U.S. Army has recently moved satellite ground stations to the Space Force. Satellites will be the focus of much of the funding.

According to SpaceNews, the SDA will receive more than $500 million from the budget. SDA was handed over to the Space Force in October to form a "threat-focused constellation of small satellites," according to a statement made at the time by the Space Forces. The statement also stated that "SDA programs will be a key component of space infrastructure in areas such as communications, data transmission, and missile warning and tracking."

SDA was established in 2019 in an effort to push the government towards low-orbit satellite constellations with the help of commercially developed technologies. The organization had planned to launch the first batch of satellites for data transmission and missile tracking this year, but the launch was repeatedly delayed to 2019.

According to SpaceNews, a broadband communications satellite to support military activities will be built with money from the budget. However, it remains unclear whether the funds will support the Broadband Global SATCOM system currently being built in low Earth orbit and scheduled for completion in 2024.

In a summary of the budget, the White House stated that "space is essential to US national security and critical to modern warfare." “The budget maintains America's advantage by strengthening the robustness of American space systems to support deterrence and increase survivability during wars.”

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