What is Android Recovery Mod? How to enter and what's on the menu?


Android Recovery Mode means Android Restore. You may need to use it when your phone crashes as a result of an update your phone received or a malicious software you installed as an APK. You can also use it to reboot when your phone freezes for any reason. This article is about "How to enter Recovery Mode?" "How to use Recovery Mode?" We will answer questions such as:

 How to Open Android Recovery Mod?

The steps below to open the Android Recovery mode should be applied in order.

  •  To enter Android Recovery Mode, after turning off your phone completely (it is not enough to turn off the screen and put it to sleep. You need to press and hold the Power key and click "Power off" or "Power off". ) you need to use a certain key combination.
  •   This combination may vary from device to device. So you have to do it by trial and error or by getting information from your manufacturer. The most common combinations are "Power Key + Home Key + Volume Up Key" "Power Key + Volume Up Key" and "Power Key + Volume Down Key".
  •   When you apply the right combination, the Android Recovery Mode menu will appear.

With these steps, you can enter Android Recovery mode. What is in the recovery mode and how it is used are explained in the following lines.

  What's in the Android Recovery Mode Menu?

Below are the tools available in Android Recovery mode.

 Reboot System Now:  It is used to restore the device to its original state by removing it without restoring it and restarting it.:     It is used to restore the device to its original state by removing it from restoring and restarting it.

   Reboot to Bootloader: This option    It is used to recover any problem in your phone. Controls the operating system launcher on the phone.

 Cache Partition  "Delete"   :  It is used to delete junk files and residual data of apps on your phone.

Update te from ADB Apply  :  With this option, you can add new system files by connecting the phone to the computer.

 Update from SD Card Apply:  Used to upload system files to the phone with a storage device you have connected to your phone.

 Recovery Logs View: Pr displays information about the operations performed during the restore. If you encounter any error, you can check what the error is here.

Wipe Data / Factory Reset: It is used to reset the device to factory settings.

Assembly / System:  This section is for experienced users only. You shouldn't enter unless you have a job. You can use it for settings such as storage units and imei change.

You can choose these tools according to what you are going to do, but remember that you need experience to use them. Wrong apps can cause your phone to malfunction.

 How to Exit Android Recovery Mode?

You can use Reboot System Now option to exit Android Recovery Mode. As we mentioned above, this option simply reboots your phone. When you restart the phone, the standard blade screen appears.

 How to Use Android Recovery Mode?

You can switch between options using the volume up and down keys in Recovery Mode. By short pressing the power button you select the option that appears on the screen and the phone will give feedback as in the explanations mentioned above.

Is Android Recovery Mode Safe?

Android Recovery Mod is an extremely safe system in the phone's own system. Although safe, it should not be used by inexperienced people because any changes to the phone will have irreversible effects.

This article explains how to open Android Recovery mode, menu information and how to check. You can do anything you want using the steps above. If you do not have experience, it would be better not to play with this mod for the health of the phone.

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