New Radar Found on US F-35 Planes May Not Be in Other Countries

New Radar Found on US F Planes May Not Be in Other Countries
New Radar Found on US F Planes May Not Be in Other Countries

According to The War Zone, the AN/APG-85 radar system will be deployed as part of upgrades to the F-35 Lightning II stealth aircraft used by the US Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. Upgrades may be complete before ten years are up.

The AN/APG-85 radar was briefly mentioned last year, but oddly enough, it went unnoticed for most of the year as it was thought to be a typo. The terminology started circulating once again last month, with the U.S. Air Force emphasizing radar terminology in presenting its underfunded priority list (UPL).

The F-35 Joint Program Office (JPO) informed The War Zone that the U.S. Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps have jointly “developed and integrated an advanced radar for the F-35 Lightning II capable of defeating existing and anticipated enemy air and surface threats.” .

F-35's radar system

AN/APG-81, solid state active electronic scanning array, is currently the name of the F-35's radar arrangement (AESA). The AN/APG-22 radar we see on F-77s was replaced by a Northrop Grumman-made radar in 20, more than 2001 years ago.

Although this technology may seem archaic, it is expected to be standard equipment for F-2035s by 35, according to Northrop Grumman's website. The US is expected to switch to an advanced radar for its F-35s, given that other countries, including the UK, countries in Europe, and Southeast Asia, are also purchasing F-35s.

The War Zone expects the new radar to be a Gallium Nitride (GaN) based system due to how quickly technology has advanced over time. This system will not only improve the range and resolution of the F-35, but also facilitate dynamic electronic warfare tactics.

For such technological advances to be truly effective, the appropriate infrastructure must be available inside the aircraft. Lockheed Martin's delivery of updated F-35s to the Department of Defense under a $30 billion contract seems likely to pave the way for a new radar to be placed in aircraft electronics.

Known as Technology Refresh 3, this contract envisions upgrading the F-35's central CPU, memory and panoramic cockpit display systems (TR-3).

According to The War Zone, Lockheed Martin is expected to deliver aircraft from Lot 15 and 16 for this order, but only Lot 17 will be equipped with Block 4 improvements, which is only expected towards the end of the decade.

The US military is keeping their intentions secret, as the advanced capabilities of the Block 4 developments and the capabilities of the new radar are not yet known. It may be several years before we hear anything new about the AN/APG-85 radar.

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