Einstein and the Photoelectric Experiment

Einstein and the Photoelectric Experiment

Albert Einstein's Photoelectric Effect experiment provided evidence for the quantization of energy in light. In this experiment, Einstein observed the emission of electrons from a metal surface exposed to light. However, the energy of the emitted electrons is not related to the intensity of the light, [more…]

Turkish Scientist Aydogan Ozcana Award

Award to Turkish Scientist Aydoğan Özcan

Aydoğan Özcan received the 2023 SPIE Dennis Gabor Diffractive Optics Award. Outstanding achievements in diffractive wavefront technology, particularly those driving the development of holography and metrology applications, were awarded the SPIE Dennis Gabor Diffractive Optics Award. [more…]

Antarctic Sea Glacier is Melting Fast
Environment and Climate

Antarctic Sea Glacier is Melting Fast

On December 11, 2022, the NASA Aqua satellite's Medium Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer captured the image shown above (MODIS). The image shows a section of the Antarctic Peninsula about 1.000 kilometers (600 miles) long. It's icy and [more…]

Drugs to Extend Lifespan in COVID Patients

Drugs to Extend Lifespan in COVID-19 Patients

In the Randomized REMAP-CAP Study (JAMA. 2023;329(1):39-51) published in the JAMA medical journal, IL-6 receptor antagonists (tocilizumab, sarilumab, satralizumab, and siltuximab) and anti-platelet agents in patients with COVID-19 were in poor general condition. survive long term (six month) [more…]

Slaying a Star in a Black Hole

Killing a Star in a Black Hole

These are called “Tideal Disruption Events”. But this phrase hides the subtle, unfiltered violence of a black hole encounter. A balance between black hole radiation ejecting matter and gravity pulling in stellar matter [more…]

Physics of Fish Swimming

Physics of Fish Swimming

Some fish species swim in a forward thrust pattern, where their bodies alternately undulate and remain stationary as they approach the shore. Although intermittent swimming is more difficult to simulate than continuous swimming, researchers now [more…]

anonymous design
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Aesthetic Clothes is Worth The Investment

“What is my aesthetic?” Are you asking? Is what I'm wearing an everyday aesthetic? Are these answers about money? No! Aesthetic clothing is not only affordable but also worth the investment. This brand focuses on quality rather than quantity, which means [more…]

Quantum Gases Are Formed Together in the Earth's Orbit

Quantum Gases Coexist in Earth's Orbit

For the first time in space, two different types of quantum gas will coexist and interact. Since these studies will be carried out on the International Space Station, gravity will allow researchers to study few body physics, quantum chemistry, and fundamental physics. [more…]