YouTube Tests 1080p Premium Playback


Some viewers on YouTube have reported seeing a new video quality option in the website's drop-down menu. The new option, labeled “1080p Premium,” is currently being tested with a small group of YouTube Premium subscribers. According to a YouTube spokesperson, the enhanced bitrate version of 1080p provides more information per pixel, resulting in a higher quality viewing experience.

Viewers who saw the test commented that the standard 1080p resolution on YouTube was of poor quality, and that a higher bitrate could improve the image without the need for a resolution increase. While 4K offers better and sharper looking videos, it also requires a larger file size, which can cost more or consume more data allowance.

It is currently unknown whether the enhanced 1080p option will be confirmed for wider distribution or remains in the experimental stage. If approved, only YouTube Premium subscribers will have access to it. YouTube Premium costs $12 per month for the individual account or $23 per month for the family plan.

source: engadget

Günceleme: 24/02/2023 20:33

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