Elon Musk Promises User Security After Twitter Correspondence With EV Owner

Semi-Autonomous Driving Systems and Tesla Vehicles
Semi-Autonomous Driving Systems and Tesla Vehicles

Elon Musk recently demonstrated the importance of the social media site as a channel of direct connection with customers in a Twitter conversation with a Tesla owner. After their speech, Musk agreed to provide a new safety feature to Tesla's electric cars.

Tesla owner @TeslaDiva99 sparked the discussion by sharing her experience of leaving her teenage daughter and younger child in the car while they do their daily chores. He had to turn on the infotainment system because the car was shut down after the older boy left. The car owner stressed his concern about this situation, especially the danger that could arise if a newborn baby was left in the car.

Hi, @elonmusk I left my teenager and young child in the car to go to the supermarket. My older child had to tap the screen to reopen the car that had suddenly shut down. The vehicle would stop if a baby was left inside. Can you detect people in the car and maintain the temperature? He expressed his concerns in the form of warnings.

When asked openly, Musk said that Tesla cars automatically maintain a safe internal temperature range, even if the vehicle appears to be "off". Babies and animals are protected by this measure. The Tesla CEO promised to make changes, but admitted he needed time for improvement.

To protect babies and pets, Tesla cars' temperatures are automatically kept within a safe range, even when they appear "off". However, if the camera identifies the passengers, it would be more practical to keep the car "open" for comfort and entertainment. We're going to change that, Musk wrote on Twitter.

According to Musk's response, Tesla should be able to add the additional security feature via an over-the-air software update. However, it is important to keep in mind that this feature may only be available for cars with a cabin camera. As a result, it is possible that older models such as classic Model S and Model X cars will not receive the same update.

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