The Positive Impact of Valuing Equality on Global Food Systems

Positive Impact of Valuing Equality on Global Food Systems
Positive Impact of Valuing Equality on Global Food Systems

One in three people in almost every country on the planet does not have access to adequate nutritious food. 821 million people worldwide do not consume enough calories to prevent chronic hunger. Because two billion people do not consume enough vitamins and minerals for healthy growth. The World Association for Better Nutrition (GAIN) has revealed these shocking statistics.

GAIN strives to create and provide solutions to this ongoing problem because we believe that everyone in the world should have access to healthy, safe and affordable food.

GAIN's goal is to increase everyone's consumption of healthy food, with a special emphasis on children, youth and women. GAIN recognizes that collaborating with these organizations is necessary to change attitudes towards food and thus their life chances and livelihoods.

“Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition” on International Women's Day

With this in mind, GAIN shares on International Women's Day (IWD) how the adoption of equality and inclusion can benefit food systems and international communities.

For example;

Food security is how to feed and sustain a growing population while protecting nutrition, and how to support the lives of millions of people working in the food supply chain while considering the environment.

The impact of inequalities in the food system on women What does IWD's hashtag “#EmbraceEquity” mean for different nations and cultures? In contrast to equality, the phrase “equity” refers to fairness and equity: while equality requires offering the same thing to everyone, equity means recognizing that we do not all start from the same place and recognizing inequalities and making adjustments. For example, women work more in the fields, farms, kitchens, or just desk jobs than men, but earn less money and eat less if they are poor or needy. Conflict, famine and hunger are sociopolitical elements that can worsen this scenario.

The Urgency to Accelerate Transformation

“When social systems exacerbate gender-based discrimination, political commitment becomes a crucial tool in overcoming key barriers to women and girls. The Sustainable Development Goals, which include eradicating hunger, achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls, have received the support of many Member States. As countries recognize and continue to work towards gender equality, we must act faster and insist on greater accountability for such commitments. The message for human rights is being heard clearly,” GAIN explains.

GAIN raises funds for the benefit of tea plantation workers in Assam, India.

Indian tea pickers in Assam, mostly women, are in a difficult situation due to the current lockdown and receive only half of their salaries. They have closed their weekly market places where they buy their fresh food.

Families are often unable to afford even the most basic foods during this crisis. Given that many women are anemic and children are not developing to their full potential, the nutritional safety of pregnant women and children in the family is already at risk. These individuals need nutritious foods to improve and maintain their health. Tea-drinking families need more access to cheap and healthy foods such as micronutrient-enriched oil, lentils and vegetables.


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