prof. Dr. Michio Kaku Will Be Treated Before Cancer Appears

Prof Dr Michio Kaku Will Be Treated Before Cancer Appears
Prof Dr Michio Kaku Will Be Treated Before Cancer Appears

World-renowned theoretical physicist Prof. Dr. Michio Kaku pointed out that important developments took place at the Second Century Economy Conference hosted by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and said, “All the information will be hidden in the lens you put on your eye.” Glasses are not science fiction. Kaku also predicted that DNA technology would enable early detection and treatment of cancer.

Speaking about the near future under the title of “Turkey – Next 50 Years” at the Second Century Economics Congress, Michio Kaku stated that interplanetary travel will be possible and said, “In 2050, our children and grandchildren will use the energy of the fifth wave. We discuss the power of the stars. We will witness the power of the mind. The internet will be replaced by something else. The mind will be free of fog. Neurons will represent the internet in the future. In the future we will all reside and do business online. You can achieve a lot from the table you sit at. In the future, all work will be done in the mind. Dreams will be printable for us.

“Dr. Michio Kaku said, “When we look at avatars, the visions that emerge from our imaginations will come true. All the knowledge of humanity will be hidden on the Internet and will be contained in the lens you wear. In the future, students at universities will blink their eyes and demand, “Show me all the test results on my contact lens.” Glasses are a real medical device. They are already there. This is how we will communicate in the future. This is extremely helpful. You will be aware of who you are talking to in the future.

All the knowledge of humanity will be at your fingertips in an instant.

This will be possible in any language. In the blink of an eye, you will have all human knowledge.”

We're going to create a new liver.
Michio Kaku also made the following statement: “Computers will eventually be replaced by quantum computers. But this is not science fiction. They will smash all known code. This will be used everywhere. These machines will perform all subsequent calculations. They will not contain any nuclear waste. There will be no more nuclear accidents. Mother Nature already uses energy in this way. Thanks to quantum computers, it will be possible to calculate life itself. Life is not a digital thing. This is quantum.

We discuss the origin, development and maintenance of life. Now we are discussing biotechnology. We will create a new liver for heavy drinkers.”

Cancer can also be cured in the future.

Kaku also pointed to the use of DNA technology: “With the use of computers, we will be able to cure cancer. We will let you know you have cancer before the tumor appears. In the future, your toilet will analyze your DNA and reveal malignant DNA, revealing the tumor ten years before the cancer starts. Blood testing for cancer diagnosis is now legal in the US. Your cancer status will be determined by such a blood test.

The term “tumor” will disappear. Cancer will follow the same rules.

Source: Michio Kaku Izmir Economics Congress Speech

Photographs: We would like to thank Remzi Barlas and Ümit Öner.


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