Tallest Ferris Wheel To Be Built In South Korea

Tallest Freezing Cabinet To Be Built In South Korea
Tallest Freezer To Be Built In South Korea - The Haneul Park Ferris wheel

The futuristic building to be located in Haneul Park is intended to represent the unity of all North and South Koreans.

The world's tallest Ferris wheel is about to begin being built in South Korea, and the country believes it will be a symbol of the ultimate unity of the Korean people.

The Seoul Ring has been a work in progress for some time, but its location has just been chosen. It was designed for Haneul Park in the capital city of Seoul.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government statement announcing the location of the project site, Haneul Park is “seen as a meaningful location as it is a gateway to both Seoul and a united Korea, and geographically close to North Korea, which demonstrates the harmony and reunification of the Korean race. ”.

Visitors can see downtown Seoul, the Hangang River, the Namsan and Bukhansan mountains, and the Hangang River. The park was also formerly a municipal dump, which contributes to the overall environmental compliance goal.

Innovation and ecological improvement in Ferris wheel design
The Seoul Ring will depart from the standard studded structure of the Ferris wheel and use contemporary methods and technologies to produce a futuristic studless design.

According to the municipality's statement, “To ensure the construction safety and structural integrity of the nail-free design of the Seoul Ring, the municipality consulted with local and foreign experts in the fields of architecture and engineering.” The municipality aims to complement and create more innovative and creative designs with the help of the private sector.

The Seoul Ring will be an entertainment venue, but the city also aims to use the area as a cultural complex related to the island of Nanjido, which once housed the city's waste mountain, which is about 100 meters high and covers approximately 2.800.000 square meters. The municipality plans to include the new monument in the festival events that will be held in this park, which was once used as a landfill.

The city announced that the Seoul Ring, a representation of circular economy and climate action for both people and nature, will be built on the site of an old landfill by 2025. The new symbol of the city, the Seoul Ring, is expected to increase both the local economy and the city's competitiveness on a global scale.

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